17 March 2013

Operation Catch up on Op Shop SCores

The following scores are from oppies and garage sales the week before last!

Fondue pot in mint condition. I have several of these so am gifting this.
Jumble Sale $1

JOHNSON cake plate etc in original box. 50c from the Girl Guides' garage sale, bless them. There wasn't a brownie or a girl guide in sight. Just the mums. LOL 

I was drawn to this 20cent-er. It's not my usual style but I like the lanterns. So Iris can eat  off it for a thrill.

FAB orange ice bucket. $2. I love it. 

Iris and I love this funny flamingo pincher thing. It has a squeezy handle that  opens its beak.  I have a thing for flamingoes.

* Plastic weave basket (obvs)
* Cute little apron
* toiletries bag - I LOVE these things.
* tea cosy and Alaska moose
* table cloth more than I usually pay $4
* very cool train sheet, that would be better made into something.
* yellow cardy for Iris (I want one in my size)
* Mint condition Kidston-y PJs that I gave to my sister-in-law coz they are her size and  her style..
* A brilliant cutlery set. Each individual piece had a 20c price tag sellotaped (round and round) to it - which took a good while to get off lol,..

Curtains ($2) from jumble. I think I'll put some elastic in and they'll be a skirt. (the hills are alive with the sound of music)

LOVE this necklace .. the red one was new too.. Thank you Vinnies.

VERY 80s dolly clothes that were in a free box. The calypso woman has shell bead earrings sewn on. Gold.

Large piece flannellette 

I went into Vinnies twice on sep days before I decided to actually get this set. Swimming accessories, I do believe. I think they deserve their own post. I don't know why I dallied. Great orangey yellow colour. 

tea towel of Northland. 

Great wrap around skirt. 

I am in love with this. I have to hide it from Iris though.

It was $2 at the Labour Party fundraising sale. Bloody brilliant. 

So there we have it.
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(For those that enquired - the gig wasn't a big deal, but I DO love a good warble! Kids have stifled my gigability somewhat but I occasionally get out and have a sing! Last weekend it was at a Cancer Society fundraiser Relay for Life, where I did a 45 min set.. My camera battery died just as I went on according to my official photographer (my son) but there might be some official photos coming through at some point on their site. )
Happy Days


Mariela said...

That jewelry box is too awesome for words. It's so roomy too! You got a great haul.

A little bit Country said...

Love the retro pot and Johnsons plate - an unwanted Wedding present perhaps?? xo

Krista Gassib said...

You'd have to hide that jewelry box from me too! You really found some cool stuff and I ador the picture of Iris with the flamingo adorbs!!!!! You sing?!?! That's awesome!

Mezz said...

yes,kids do make gigging a bit tricky dont they!i totally understand.

love all ur op shop finds,looks like u have sum killer oppies in nz.


Sharon said...

I think it might be worth a trip over to NZ just to do some op shopping. Awesome scoring once again. Love that skirt and the fondue pot.

two squirrels said...

EEeeeekkk you had me with the orange ice-bucket!!!!!
Then the skirt, well its all to much fabulousness.
Operation op-shop mama......amazing.
love V

pastcaring said...

I see I will be fighting with Vanessa over that ice bucket - fabulous! You found so MUCH, you are an op-shopping jumble-saleing demon!
Love the pic of Iris and the flamingo (watch it doesn't nip her nose off) and I am squeeing away at all the linens, the swimming set and your magnificent cleavage! xxxxx

Vix said...

I love that yellow doll's tee shirt, wish it would fit me! xxx

I Love To Op Shop said...

wow! Op shop tastic!!

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

Great finds! I love that orange ice bucket, too, as well as the giant black beads and the white jewelry box. Way to go!

chrissy said...

so many great linens! that train print is charming. those curtains are gorgeous. and that tea towel is just too cute.

Liz said...

Wow - what a lot of absolutely brilliant things! Especially like the fabrics and the orange ice bucket.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Anonymous said...

Loving the orange ice bucket!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you always find some fantastic stuff - I really love the train sheet and that plate with lanterns is really sweet

Hootnz said...

What an amazing haul....love the kiddie apron and the train sheet! ahhh the possibilities with that one :)

Marium said...

I love every one of your finds, especially that ice bucket!

ButterandBuntings said...

Fantastic finds. That blue wrap around skirt is great, as is the train fabric. You have a great eye for good second hand bits and pieces. Im a new follower of yours ! Taz

Max said...

ooh those black beads look like those ones you get in hawaii, i forget what they're called. also lusting after the wrap around skirt and agreeing the orange poncho/bag deserved their own post-they just epitomise that 70s homemade-crazy-coloured goodness i grew up with! and the jewllery box is class too-it looks like new but is to stylie to have been made recently i suspect. all in all 10/10 for your haul! glad you could link up x

bonsaimum said...

That jewellry case is to die for. Such finds. You are amazing.

Diann said...

Wow! You found a lot of awesome vinatge treasures!! I love the Johnson Bros. Cake platter. What a deal!! Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a great day!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Wow, you scored some brilliant stuff. I love the jewellery box and the train sheet. I have a similar fondue set that I op shopped but it's red with flowers. That's awesome that you're a singer.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Wow, lots of stuff! The pattern on the fondue pot ROCKS! I wouldn't mind someone else lugging that ice bucket to the beach for me. It's nice too!

owlinalarkworld said...

There is no better way to cook than in a floral pot.

owlinalarkworld said...

There is no better way to cook than in a floral pot.