20 March 2013


 It's arguable I know, but for me, a good hot cross bun is  better than chocolate eggs.. 

Marginal call, coz I love chocolate eggs, especially the marshmallow-filled ones.
(side note - I looked EVERYWHERE in London when I lived there and I couldn't find a single one of those)

THESE are the king of Hot Cross Buns right here.
Bakers Delight gave them to us to sample
(yeh we'll be this type of guinea pig ANY time you need us!)
Chocolate variety and traditional fruit.
PERFECT for afternoon tea, with blueberries and a cup of tea (essential)

 For the kids, the winner was the chocolate 
            (no surprise there!) 
For me, both varieties were absolutely delicious. Soft and tasty.
So good. 

I have 3 $10 vouchers if you want to sample your own.. Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick 3 out tomorrow night. Randomly. Don't want it to be a BUN FIGHT or anything. tee hee
(NZ commenters only of course sorry)

Happy Days.


Jess B said...

Oh man, I love, love, LOVE hot cross buns! Bakers Delight, pick me!

Georgia Rose said...

Ah, me please! I love hot cross buns but whenever we buy them the boys eat them all in one day!

jasmine t said...

looks yum! i'm new to the blogosphere. so just though i would say hello! love your blog :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Lucky duck - these look DELICIOUS!!!

Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Sing-a-long now....Hot X buns, Hot X buns, one a penny two a penny hot cross buns, if you have no daughters give them to your sons, one a penny two a penny hawt cross buns!!! Actually scratch that! Givvum me!! :D

Lucy Nation said...

Marshmallow filled chocolate eggs? I've never experienced this before. Damn the UK for not importing/making these delicious wonders! I have that tablecloth from your first photo! xx

Mariela said...

Those look really yummy.

caddiecruisers said...

Yumbo! I made some yesterday...2.5 hours total, then the oven stopped working at the last moment! So...maybe I should stick with Baker's Delight. We call mine 'not cross buns' because we're always in too much of a hurry to make crosses!