23 March 2013

Dio 'Junk' Sale

I'm sposed to be at a celebrate-the-marriage party
for some mates who did the reg office thing.
because my 10month old is all grumpy pants tonight

so I'm here
and my frock remains hanging in the closet.
Dangity dang.

The jumble sale went amazingly well today.
We made $4500 for the school.

This post here was scores from LAST weekend at the Diocesan School for Girls.
It was excellent. They called it a Junk Sale on the very professionally produced signs. One person's junk is another's treasure, as they say.

Some of the scores:

A pair of shoes for me, a pair of shoes for Iris, a pair of baskets (hello, Easter) and a pair of care bears (I always promise the kids I'll bring them back a little something when I go rumbling - that way they let me go happily!!)
ALL the shoes were $1. I got LOADS for the whole family. 
*Lovely tea towel 50c
* AMAZING towel. Huge and snuggly and tassled 50c

More old linen (when will it ever end?!
50c each

I LOVE these soft leather red boots that will fit Iris next Winter beautifully. $1
I got some excellent stuff for the prez stash.. CHEAP as chips. I mean CHEEEEAP.
A few bits of crown lynn.  $2 the lot.
Those pasta sized bowls are particulaRLY hard to find. I now have 8 - awesome.
I love that violets plate. So gorgeous, and the smaller 'lunch' size,. Also more rare, and perfect for the kids.
These are such a nostalgia trip for most of us over here.. (over a certain age!)
We had an 8-bottle carrier.
They used to be EVERYWHERE at the oppies, but are now quite hard to find actually.

John took the kids to the park the next day, and this is what we did.
Bloody good in the car too. 
(cute bottles, BPA free and $2 each at the dollar store by chartwell square, if y'all are wondering. Can fold them up in their lunch boxes. Lightweight. You're welcome. 
sidenote - I won't thrift bottles due to the BPA factor in the plastic. One of the few things that I don't buy second hand I guess!)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. 

Happy Days


Georgia Rose said...

Ah I LOVE those shiny blue shoes of yours! What is the label on them? I may as well have a browse on Trade Me to see if I can find a pair of my own.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes memories indeed of milk bottle carriers. You lays come home ith goodies mama.

gabrielle said...

fabulous scores..had a moment of 'how did I miss this' till I googled and realised Dio has a school in Hamilton too. Love the violet Crown Lynn...just when I think I've at least seen all the patterns I see a new one

Sue said...

Well done on raising all that cash for your school. I remember the long days/nights of organising and setting up school galas and garage sales. We evendid a book fair, and I will admit we drank alot of wine the night we set that one up!

Penny-Rose said...

The amount of money raised for the school is amazing!!! I know how much hard work goes into that sort of thing and the reward is more than the money I know, but WOW thats a lot of cash (and it sounds like the prices were so good too). I am in total agreement about one persons junk being another person's treasure. Pity you had to have a night at home with grumpy pants - hope his mood is improved today :-)

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Shame I didn't get there in the end but I was still in me nightie at 11am!! ;-D Great finds, you sure are the bargain queen aintcha! Hey that offer of teaching you to crochet is still on ya know, you could come learn in the barn!! You just let me know if you're still up for it :D

owlinalarkworld said...

Gasp! Those blue shoes! I love bright feet.
I am slowly building up my floral linen collection. Glad I am not along.

two squirrels said...

Oh I have the blue MINX shoes, they are just fabulous, I have them on in my last post, tee hee.
What great finds, love the towel with the fringe.
Yay Easter this weekend, i bet the kiddies are excited.
love V

Jane George said...

oh my goodness! what finds...those baskets and shoes!!!

Helga! said...

YAY for the jumble success, and POO to the grumpy infant! I'm sure the wee darling is just having a moment!

bonsaimum said...

Those red boots are fantastic. :)

pastcaring said...

Oh what a shame to miss out on the party! Still, that was a great jumble sale total (I know ALL about the effort that goes into successful fundraising for school!) and great scores too. I love finding good secondhand shoes for the kids, cos they are so bloody expensive new! Those red boots for Iris are fabulous, and your crockery and linens are great. xxxx