22 March 2013

Ready to Rumble

I've spent the last 5 hours setting up for the Woodstock School EPIC Jumble Sale 
in the morning.

Prepare to be amazed Hamiltonians, if you come on down. (7.30 - 11.30am)

WOWZERS we have shite-loads of stuff for sale.

This is about 1/3  of it. It took ages and LOTS of helpers to bring it all from the storage sheds..

Phew where do we start?!

I'm on the toy section. It was overwhelming.  I am going back over at 6.15 tomorrow to finish the set up of all the toys.
Lucky we live backing on to the school field. Yuss.

 I shall get up Dawn's crack 
(snicker)and slither over there. 

My kids had  a wonderful time mucking about with all the other kids while we set up. 

See all those books? There are some AMAZING ones in there.. I hope lots of book collectors come. 

There is actually loads of everything.
It's mind-blowing, in the best possible way.

I love the whole scene, man. 
It starts with people
* Recycling.
* De-cluttering.

Then others come along and
* Get stuff they want/need.
* Get a bargain.
* Have a lot of fun hunting.

BAKERS DELIGHT vouchers for 
Sue @ Living the Good Life
Jess B @ Just Ordinary Us
Georgia-Rose @ The Velvettes

Send me your actual addies and I'll fire those vouchers out so you can get those buns in your gobs before easter!email me via the ABOUT ME or profile thingy up there

Happy Days


bonsaimum said...

Books,did you say books? If I lived there I would be in like Flynn!! Hope it all goes well. :)

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Bugger me I'm a winner! lmao! :D

Melanie said...

Good luck at the sale!

Anonymous said...

Wowzer, that is one heck of a lot of jumble you've been given. Good luck with the sale - and with the mega-early start. Do jumbles sales usually start that early in NZ? Here in the UK I don't think they ever start before 9.30 am (and that's pretty early in my book!!)

jasmine t said...

amazing looking jumble sale! wish i was there to rummage! good luck and have fun :)

Mezz said...

sweet jesus! if i was in that room i think i might have thought myself in heaven.looks like a place id love to spend an hour or two rummaging in.mezz