28 March 2013

Garage Sale Scores, Part 1

Last weekend we had a garage sale at school. It was amazing how much stuff, and good quality stuff, was donated.

I got quite a few things, but it didn't even leave a dent in what there was.
It was all reasonably priced, and for the last hour we said that punters could get a box or bag and fill it up with ANYTHING for $1.
I strongly recommend this if you're running a sale. It means there is WAY less stuff to get rid of when it's finished. And I got some $1 box bargains for realz!!!!

Love these shoes. 
We had this cute game when we were kids. the rakes are worth 15 points and the spades give you 5 etc!
There were lots of books. I was overwhelmed. I didn't do too much rummaging. 

Very cute rattley bunny - about 7cm high.

Cute old shirt for Arlo. I find it quite hard to find genuinely old items - I think kids trash their clothes so they don't often get passed on..

Tin rubbish bin. Love.

Handbag obvs. 

I might get a chance to teeter around in these one day. They aren't totally my style, but I really like them. 

This is a huge table cloth. This is 1/4 of it. It's a coolio one.

These cards are actually from Vinnies the other week. They usually have a stash, and are 10c each. Remind me of the cards we got given as kids. 

For some reason this photo didn't appear in the last post, despite the fact that I put it in. Weird. 
Angry Birds party. 
I love doing kids parties but am a total last minute person (it's my personality type)
I also don't like things to look too contrived
(not hard for me!)
and I avoid straight lines of things
(the current fashion in party tables, I've noticed)

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Happy Days.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I do love a school garage sale so, so much!! There's always such a buzz in the air with so many wonderful bargains to snaffle and I'm so glad you scored!! I am in LOVE with the tablecloth - I have a serious tablecloth "problem" at the moment;). I agree about the kids' clothing, especially boys stuff, it gets trashed, passed on and trashed some more. Such a shame. Your angry birds party looks fabulous - organised, relaxed and unpretentious. Perfection:) xoxo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh man you really are the jumble sale, garage sale, thrifting Queen. It really is just as well we live in different countries or we would be clawing over the same stuff! I love the old bin, I haven't come across any of those in my op shopping yet, & of course it goes without saying that the tablecloth is amazeballs. LOVE the colours & print. I really like the Zu shoes too, the heel is really funky. I have a collection of heels that I never wear, I call them my 'sit down' shoes. I feel like a fool when I try to walk in heels. Xx

Lucy Nation said...

OK, I can see at least 4 things I want from this collection: the shoes in the first pic - love! The tin bin, the old card collection and that giant tablecloth. It would be ideal for my giant dining table! I'm officially jealous! xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm with Lucy eying up all your goodies. The cards, the bin, the books, it's all great!

pastcaring said...

Yes, I'm with the girls above, there are some bits and pieces I would be elbowing you out of the way to get to! (I wouldn't really, I am far too well-mannered!)
The tin waste bin (I still have my old one from my bedroom in the 70s), both pairs of shoes, the books, the tablecloth, I love them all.
Your Angry Birds party was a triumph, you have such creative flair, and all the wonderful parties you put on, complete with amazing cakes and games and food, make me realise what a completely lazy arse of a mum I am! Oh well, the kids will just have to survive without good parties! Love those green balloon bad piggies! xxxx

gabrielle said...

great cake and happy birthday to your boy

Max said...

what a brilliant party table, love it!
and i'd be fighting you for the retro card, i love anything like that that reminds me of my late 70's childhood.
great, barginacious finds, thanks for linking up.
hope your having a great easter break x

bonsaimum said...

The Angry Birds party looked like so much fun. Definitely one lucky birthday boy. :)