15 March 2013


this weather here is new to us!
Here in Hamilton the weather is typically unpredictable/4 seasons in one day

But right now there is one type of sky only...
The whole of the North Island has now been declared officially in drought..

My 3rd boy took these sky shots (and a whole load more) from his lower down perspective.
I quite like them

We've had parties to attend/create, stuff going on, op shopping of course (more posts to come of course)I've even done 'a gig' ...

..but mainly I've just been  chilling with my homies.
(well, trying to)
BUT it's HOT!!!
Would rather be on a tropical island somewhere
or at least at the beach
(My first attempt at an overlay ala Sarah who is the BOSS at it.. Excuse the skinny wrist etc!)

("Hello new followers!")

Happy Days


Mezz said...

the cool change just hit melbourne,maybe it will come ur way soon!love that pic with the guitar...i just played a gig today too.us oppshopping,musical mums are pretty darn fun i say!


Camelia Crinoline said...

A gig? Tell us more. I like the sky shots. It's cooling down a bit here now which is such a relief. Bring on autumn.

bonsaimum said...

Oooh, a gig, what gig? I'm all curious now. :)

pastcaring said...

Could do with some blue sky over here, please... But not a drought! Love your boy's sky pics. Arlo is just the cutest boy, I wanna squeeze him!
Now tell us about your gig, Linda! xxxx