2 December 2012

Recent Finds

So much to blog about.. but here are some recent acquisitions...

Budgies - I am SO excited about this!
Presbytarian Support Op Shop (one of the old timers in this town - still in its original place since I first began op shopping as a teenager) has a
50% off EVERYTHING sale right now.
This was a song!
Tweet tweet!!

Got those beads there too.

And I got this cot quilt/play mat there too.
Arlo likes it.
And some linen. As you do.
Particularly excited about that green table cloth there, as it's ROUND and I have a round table for which I only had one table cloth - so now I have TWO. Yuss.
This isn't a recent find - my Mum made it in the early 70s.
I have just RECENTLY FOUND that Iris fits it, and she likes it!
This was her last weekend, at a party.
I used to have hissy-fits when my Mum wouldn't let me wear this dress. I remember! 
Final word from Arlo.

Happy Days!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Aww those budgies are SO cute! That's like the holy grail of cross stitch for me!!!! How gorgeous does Iris look in that frock....she is so sweet. And I'm right with you on that green table cloth. It's eerie sometimes how similar our tastes are! Xx

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Oh wow that play mat/quilt thing is so lovely - my Rufus is obsessed with the circus after we took him earlier this year - he would love that! And that dress is AMAZEBALLS!! So lovely that you have beautiful Iris to put it on - I have a few of my favourite dresses from my childhood but no daughters to wear them I'm afraid. x

Misfits Vintage said...

The budgies are fantastic!! Sarah xxx

Liz said...

Not sure what's cuter - the kids or the budgies!!! Only kidding!
Love the dress - so sweet.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

pastcaring said...

So much op shop joy! Gorgeous budgies, and all that fabulous linen. Iris looks adorable in her mum's old frock! xxx

Mum said...

Pretty dress - I want to wear it, I want to wear it. (Hissy-fit starting!) Iris looks very stylish. Hi, Arlo!
Love from Mum

Vix said...

Iris looks gorgeous in that amazing dress your Mum made! What a wonderful rediscovery! x

Melanie said...

I haven't heard the word budgies for a long time. My grandmother used to have them... I love the story about that cute dress making the generational rounds.

Helga! said...

Gawd, Iris' frock is heavenly! I'd totally wear that!
Awesome to find a round tablecloth, and ooo,BUDGIES! Childhood memories,my Mama always had budgies!

gabrielle said...

more great finds and I love Iris's dress

Sue said...

The budgies are very gorgeous. I had a green budgie when I was a kid called Twinkles!!! Iris is going to be a heart breaker with the lads when she gets to teenagedom!!! Look out mum!!

bonsaimum said...

Just love Iris's dress, and of course Arlo--soooo cute. I particularly like your beads. :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Fingers crossed there's no more hissy fits with that wonderful dress. I love the budgies!! Would love to find that

Vintage Coconut said...

More great things found by YOU!
Arlo's blanket is so cute. It's something I would purchase in a INSTANT and then get in trouble for from Mr. cause hes scared of clowns. *bahahaha*
The linens look lovely. I am in love with Iris's dress. She could be the little spokes girl for Wonder Bread (Do you have that stuff where you live?)

Rhiannon said...


Anonymous said...

Those Budgies are adorable!!!
AAAWWW Iris is too sweet in her vintage dress!! It's an amazing dress!
I want to pinch Arlo's chubby cheeks of cuteness!!

owlinalarkworld said...

I absolutely love the budgies art. What a fab find.