30 November 2012

Frock on a Friday

This one has featured before.. but it is one of my all-time favs..
Out the back of our place this afternoon was a school gala.
We Love Galas.
(Arlo has a crust dangling from his mouth,
in case you were wondering!)

Leo + candy floss.

Iris + candy floss
I was taking a break from rummaging!

Gil showing Daddy what he got for 50c. He is stoked with that army tank.
He says he has ALWAYS been looking for one.

This was only phase 1 of our schedule this avo.. we went off to John's work family party straight after the gala.

Happy Days!

And evenings!

I hope you watched the song about ROMAN SANDALS in my last post.
Watch it if you didn't!
Thanks for the Romies love in your comments!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

How weird is blogger....I keep missing your posts in my feed as well. It seems to be happening with a few of my fave blogs. No idea why! That frock is amazing. What a spectacular print. I can see why you love it, I would too. Arlo looks so cute in that pram! I love that your kiddos get so excited about second hand stuff too. You have obviously taught them well. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for rummaging! Love that last pic of Arlo - what a cutie patootie! Sarah xxx

Truly Myrtle said...

It looks so much like home.... relaxed, barefeet and sunshine. Lovely X
P.S. I've found red saltwater sandals over here - they are my northern hemisphere roman sandals. LOVE.

gabrielle said...

love that last pic of your Arlo in the pram too...looks like a great Gala. Have just posted some pics of Arlo in his Patent leather Romies

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Heckins that is a fabulous dress!! My eldest always says that kind of thing when he finds cool old toys at car boot sales - love that enthusiasm!! Super cute baby too - love those rainbow straps! xx

Mum said...

Looks like you had a really good time. I bought a couple of frocks at the CS today, 2 of them were black and one went out of my colour??? comfort range and was a bright blue. I must be coming out of my shell. You are always so colourful.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Where to start?
The dress utterly floral and fabulous I love the print and it would be in high rotation in my wardrobe to if it were mine. Love it.

The pram oh my goodness, I dream constantly I've finding silver crosses at affordable prices. They are so dreamy and luxurious. People here want an absolute fortune for them even in seriously bad condition. Arlo looks so adorable. X

Jess B said...

That last photo of Arlo sleeping in the pram made me coo. :) Also, was that the St Joseph's gala? We must be nearly neighbours then! I live around the corner, towards Westfield.

Vintage Coconut said...

WOOT WOOT FOR flowerly frocks!
"I want Iris's skirt in my size"
mmmm Cotton Candy

Miss Simmonds Says said...

that last photo, from an artistic point of view is fantastic. You're making me wish it was summer with lovely dry grass and barefoot opportunities. Lovely photos of you too xx

pastcaring said...

Mmmm, your lovely floral frock, a great gala, Iris' twirly dress, candy floss, bargains, AND a gorgeous sleeping Arlo! All in one post! Fabulous! xxx

bonsaimum said...

I love the colours in your frock, just lovely. The gala looked like fun.The photo's of the kids are wonderful, Iris with her little bag and especially the last one of Arlo.Bless him. :)

Helga! said...

Great frock,I can see why it's a fave! The print especially rocks! XXX