18 December 2012


Fabric bought at my local a couple of days ago. 

The tag said '3 pieces' but there was only one - bummer!
But $2 and  quite large, so yay!

So the kids are now on holiday.

I really love it, despite the obvious mayhem, busy-ness and 24/7 aspects..

We went to Cambridge today (half hour drive-ish) 
to go to the op shops see a few christmassy displays and stuff..

THey happen to have one of my all-time favourite oppies there..
The Union Parish.

GOLD, I tell you!!!
(THis photo is actually taken one day when it was closed)

ACTUALLY pickings were uncharacteristically slim. (or rummaging was tricky with 5 kids?)
But I got a couple of things.
And spent $6.

Needs a clean, but I LOVE the base

I love these old albums. This one will go nicely with my others..

Dolly hand bag (free) I want one in my size. 

MORE! Love the old decos.

Conjoined Clauses.
Obligatory linen.

I tried to add in here some supermarket photos (thrilling, I know!)
but having trouble doing that.. So maybe I'll do (*gasp* shock horror**) another post tomorrow!

I know you will surely die with excitement and antica-


Linking to Max

YOu know we love it.


gabrielle said...

great baskets and love the cojoined clauses

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I love that Cambridge oppy as well. It's such a pretty town. Those basket doo dads are fantastic, & of course I love the linen. Xx

Liz said...

Santa and Mrs are funny! Love the baskets.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Vintage Coconut said...

Just from your picture I can tell it would be a good op shop. =D
Great buys I love the Clauses & the fabric.

Melanie said...

Fantastic finds. I'm glad you're having fun with the kids at home. Your yearly photos in the previous post are great!

pastcaring said...

Great fabric, and those conjoined Clauses are just bizarre! xxx

Helga! said...

The fabric,the basket bins,the LINENS! Awesomeness!

two squirrels said...

Love the cane baskets and, they are always so dirty when I buy they too.
Fabric piece just yummy, would make a great skirt if there was enough.
Love v

Katie said...

The linens! So lovely.

And I'm kinda obsessed with the conjoined Claus' now. ;)

bonsaimum said...

I like the baskets. The co-joined Santa's are interesting!! You find the most amazing things. :)

Rhiannon said...

Looooove the fabrics, and the I love me some kitchsy christmas decos too.

Sue said...

I so know that op shop, across the road from the pet shop?? Haven't been to good old Cambridge for some time now but usually have a good time when there. LOVE the antique shops and the home furnishing places. They are my look only places!! Enjoy the school holidays.

Anonymous said...

Awesome goodies and the co-joined santas -um- bizarre!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

The conjoined Clauses are the best decoration i'd've ever seen!! I love them. Weird old decorations are the best. And I love the bins, that teddy bear print is too nice to sit under rubbish

Max said...

i haven't made it to Cambridge yet, but it's appeal is growing all the time! LOVE the baskets in particular.
thanks for taking the time to link up, great to have you.
have a wonderful christmas, and i hope the new year brings you continued op-shopping luck! x