29 December 2012

Overdue Christmas post!

These are some snapshots of CHristmas.
I know - it's over so you all probably don't want to see any more christmas..

But there's this post and another to come sorry..
These photos are from before the big day.

Freebies from Bakers Delight again...THANK YOU!!!

THESE are heaven. (brandy cream  unnecessary but SO GOOD!)

NOte about CHristmas pies..
We had to eat them in silence when we were kids.
It was the rule. One pie eaten in silence =  1 month good luck for the year ahead.
Maths = we had a family of 8 so for a year of good luck mum had to produce 96 pies.
I don't know if she made it up or what,
but I believe she did, in order to get 5 minutes peace every now and then! I can now understand why..

honeycomb santa from 1978.
50c from Hamilton's newest op shop
 (more about that later)

Me drinking from a cheesy christmas cup.
Arlo was drinking from me!


Sue said...

Do share, where is our newest op shop??

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I spy some fantastic vintage decorations

gabrielle said...

love the vintage decorations