29 December 2012

Christmas Post - part 2 - The Big Day

I've really enjoyed having quick glances (literally that's about all I've had time for lately) at christmas around blogland/the world
so here are a few from the 25th of my family..
It's all about the kids...

I WISH this photo was in focus. SO brilliant.

At John's folks' for christmas lunch..+ cousins..
Waiting for the 'pop-pop bottle' to fly!

cheesy christmas bow. 

Seriously, I took about 20 photos of this lot, and these are THE BEST I got. 

SUCH good food. 

Garden potatoes. 

What we all wanted to do that afternoon!!!

Now the christmas stuff is all put away for next year
(I'm like that - no Twelfth Night thing for me.)
Next up - the New Year festivities. Hurrah.

Happy Days!


Misfits Vintage said...

Ha! Love the red tshirts, your hair bow, Arlo is getting more gorgeous every day and that tomato/beetroot/basil salad looks DELISH! Sarah xxx PS I took my xmas tree down on xmas night - I'm not into it at all!

Sue said...

The kids look great all in red! Love Iris's dress.

Frugal Queen said...

colour coordinated kids! priceless xxx love froogsxxxx

minimiser deb said...

At least the food stayed still!
Lovely children.

pastcaring said...

Oh those pesky kids! The impromptu shots are always better than the attempts at organised photos, it's like spinning plates trying to get them all looking the right way and smiling at the same time!
You look suitably festive, loving all the red, the food looks fabulous, and I adore your new header pic.
My tree comes down new year's day. Done for another year... Yessssss! xxxxx

The Magic Fix said...

happy new year gorgeous folks! Blessings from Australia...xxxxx