5 December 2012

A Little bit of Stuff, as usual

So there I was, just going about my day, doing things I was sposed to be doing...

The Op Shops FORCED me to go in. 
They said "Get in here!"

The Red Cross is right by the lovely spice place where I was buying the milk, bread and lentils. It would have been rude to not go in. 
And then the Sallies just across from there...

I had to buy this. I love these things. They are the ultimate in Nana Tech (nology).

This one has Irises on it so it was essential. 

I paid $5 which was well more than I usually would.. 

Wine/thermos carrier for picnicking..

Jug 50c, three 20c cup bowl thingies. The kids love these kinds of things.

More dress ups...
Another calendar tea towel..

Shades for $1. 

My FAVOURITE purchase. These were just all lined up waiting for me.
To be honest, I had to think a bit because they were expensive - $4 each.. That shop has an 'expert' adviser so generally their prices are more than the kind of ones I like!
They're so cool I just bit the bullet. Bad time of year to be extravagant on something for me
but OH WELL never mind.

Just need to get the labels off.

They are quite big FYI, not spice jar size.

We got a little parcel in the post the other day. All the way from Wales. 

Thank you Victoria @ Anglesea Allsorts!  Such a  wonderful homely simple life documented in the warmest of voices!  Victoria is such a talented crafter and cook. Resourceful and thrifty too - I love her blog posts..

It's a Tuppeny Penny House.

What Iris told me is written in the card!

And one more thing.. If ever you see this crown lynn jug at a jumble sale - BUY IT!! This one just sold for $3590 on Trade Me! WTF??!!


Catherine said...

Those canisters are so beautiful! I love the little card box too, I have one of those :) xo

pastcaring said...

Those canisters are amazing, I can see why you had to have them. Love the little hanky box too, I had never seen one of these before I started blogging, then I found one, and sent it on to Sarah Misfit. If I see another one, I might have to keep it!
What a lovely gift for Iris, aren't blog buddies great? the look on her face is priceless.
Cool shades too, Linda! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh the wine carrier is super nice and to heck with extravagance those canisters are essential. Blogging buddies really are the best.

Misfits Vintage said...

It's true - our Curtise did send me a gorgeous little hanky box - very similar to your find - and I LOOOVE it! They are very rare over here. And I LOOOVE those canisters! I would definitely have bought them too. Love Iris's special note. Sarah xxx

nzgreenbuttons said...

What's with that jug getting SO much? Crazy!!!! Lovely finds :)

bonsaimum said...

OMG--your post brought back memories. My Aunt used to make those picture baskets, and the wine carrier.....I used to have a small white version of that carrier as a handbag when I was a toddler. Groovy shades and the look on Iris's face as she opened the pressie is absolutely priceless. Such is the joy in all things. What luck to find all those canisters in the one place.

Anonymous said...

I saw one of those floral boxes in Sarah's blog and I liked it very much!I'd love to find one for me, but it seems that they weren't made here!I love all your finds as always, the thermos is lovely and so the kitchen boxes!Victoria's present is wonderful and Iris face adorable!

Vintage Coconut said...

*Oh my* The thrift stores here demand I visit them too!! I am glad I am not the only one who hears their calls.
Your cannisters are SO LOVELY.
The fairy house is lovely. (Iris's wide eyed expression is so sweet.)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I try to resist the call of the op shops, but it's pointless. I have no will power. You know I love a bit of card box action. They are often priced at over $20 at the op shops here. And oooh ahh those canisters are FAB. How many did you get? LOVE the colours. They were worth spending the 'big' bucks on! Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow!! You find some fantastic stuff. Love those sewing boxes. I've never seen them over here. Also when I have kids I'm going to buy them soooooo many dressing up clothes! Xx

Helga! said...

O,digging those cannisters! And the wicker thermos carrier! Score! I love those granny tech thingies too,but have never found one!

Prom Dress USA said...


Lynn Dylan said...

I would totally bite the bullet for the canisters, and of course 'tis rude not to step into the thrift. You must be polite! I love your term about Nana Tech! ha ha!


saving for travel said...

A lovely present for your little girl.

I too love those dessert dishes.

Sft x

Anonymous said...

Seriously awesome haul!! I'm with you on the thrift shops calling my name!
Those canisters are AMAZING!!!
Your Iris is adorable!