19 December 2012


I'm doing it!!! Posting on consecutive days!!
History in the making.


As promised yesterday.. this is what 5 kids in a supermarket is like..

These 2 photos would have made a great GIF
(never done one before - I should give it a roll!)

All concentration.

Christmas is @ our place.

The lights we had when we were kids.
LOVE them.


Keeping it real.
What our place looks like after 3 days of holidays.

I should be dealing with it.
But I'm blogging.

Happy Days!


Anonymous said...

LOL--bless your heart!! I'm sure the energy level is sky-high at your house with all those little boys!!
Arlo looks like such a happy lil fellow--just wanna squeeze those cheeks!!

Mum said...

Fair enough!
Love from Mum

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That's why there is alcohol at Christmas! How would anyone get through it otherwise...is your Apocalyptic outfit in that pile? ;-D

Vintage Coconut said...

YES you should totally make a Gif for whatever product that is that Iris is holding in her hand. *LOL*
It seems Arlo Thinks it's fabulous. *hehehe*

bonsaimum said...

I love your photos. Your place looks perfectly normal to me- full of life. :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

great photos, keep it up! The awkward family photo is hilarious - have you been on that website?

The Magic Fix said...

Bless! Can't believe you go shopping with all of them, i think I'd die from a heart-attack if I took all of my lot! lol. Mess looks even beautiful with all that color, its art not mess!!! hahaaha