22 November 2012

Recently Found (Part 1)

I realised I haven't shown any recent op shop finds for a couple of weeks. 
I also realised that there appear to be quite a few (ahem)

So here is Part 1.
please note: I am an op shop cheapskate so nothing you see in these photos was over $2, except the first thing.
That's how I roll..
If I have to part with more than a couple of bucks I have to do some serious thinking. It has to be really good/coveted/valuable etc!!! 
Unusual picnic cups..

And these ones in glass..

These were actually $5 from memory. I really love them!

MASSIVE piece of fabric for the stash.
I'll never get round to sewing these but LOVE the pix!

20c kitsch as heck thingies. Far too cool for pot plants.

LOVE these colours. 20c the lot.

You can't beat this old cotton.

There is an op shop here that has a free box outside. This is what I took out of there today!
We always had our christmas cards hanging up with those teeny pegs!

This will most likely NOT be used for dishes!

Happy Days!


nancyworegreenstockings said...

So many pretty colours! I love your glasses, thread, the little pegs, the pot holders, the bird towel - basically, everything! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has to seriously think about it if it's over $2!

Vix said...

I grew up with those cups, Grandma used to serve us warm Ribena in them and me and my brother felt dead grown up! x

pastcaring said...

LOVE those cups, and wow, that fabric is heavenly, even I might get sewing if I had a load of fabric that great!
Cutest tea towel - does it mean only birds can dry up the dishes? Don't show your sons! xxxx

Max said...

I remember those cups, my aunt had them and we all had to drink from our fave colour one x

gabrielle said...

oohh good finds, love the wee retro shirt pattern. Think I need to venture south to the Waikato for some op shopping

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Woah, what a haul. Love the cups. A lot. xx

Jess B said...

Super jealous of that GORGEOUS fabric!

Anonymous said...

The cups are fab and those plastic bolts and nuts I remember my brother having those.

bonsaimum said...

I remember those cups. I love the coloured threads, they are better quality than the threads nowadays.

Melanie said...

I love those plastic bolts. I wonder if you could make jewellery out of them...? And amazing fabric.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm with Melanie on the bolts. I used to have some just like those when I was a kid. I love the birds only tea towel or is it a flannel. Oh and the cups are in the most gorgeous nursery colours. I want them!

Sue said...

I like you spending limit. I have been trying the same sort of thing and finding it more fun to see what I can actually find in my tiny price range. Surprisingly more satisfying!! You did well, now looking forward to Part 2!!

Elizabeth Nott said...

Amazing finds! I love the cups and the tiny pegs - too cute :)