8 November 2012

Tutus and Teacups/ Gay Red Shirt Day

It all started with a tutu
And a teacup
And some steps.

Check Sarah Misfit's page for the refs.. I'll add them in later here.. Sozz..

I believe Bag and a Beret was where it began.

And Sarah Misfit declared it a challenge.

And it quickly spread to backyards and front doorsteps all over the world. They were donning their finest tulle and putting their pinkies up all over the place.

Alas, teacups a plenty I have many. But a tutu, not one.
I tried to work out if I could make one.
I have no time for such things.
I scoured the op shops.
I even tried to wrap a pink mosquito net around my person.
No dice.

On my doorstep on Monday there appears not one, but TWO, out of the blue! Squeal!
My fairy Godmother gaveth them unto me. I hadn't mentioned how I'd been NEEDING one. It was pure second hand magic. Gold.

Iris telling me how to pose!

Today! John refers to our esteemed leader who described another guy's red shirt as gay - publicly! Nice one.

Gay Red Shirt Day


Miss Simmonds Says said...

John sounds like a wanker. Go red shirt day. Thanks for joining our little tea party. You look lovely, I'm very jealous of your lilac tutu, I really want one

Max said...

Oh lovely tutu! Cool challenge, it made me wish i had one too i brieflly thought of trying on one of clauds (huh?!!) and then i thought i found one at the oppy but it turned out to be a whitebait net!!! I really want a beige one like miriams from make it give it. One day when i have the time (ha!) ill make one x bet iris loves you in tge tutu and makes you play flower fairies all the time!

bonsaimum said...

Love the tutu.

Sue said...

Yay for scoring a Tutu for you you!!! We so have to get together for a day of fun and frivolity and the little ones are always welcome. Me and the other Sue can help out as we are mothers and mothers never lose their mothering skills!!!!! Date!!??

Anonymous said...

Perfect post, two birds with one stone, the tutu challenge and the red t-shirt day! I love your tutu, it's the same colour of mine, thank you for including me in your collage, I was wearing that outfit when everything started, but you know, we all related by psychic thoughts!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

gabrielle said...

great combo of the tutu and red shirt. I love how donkey (as Billy calls him)blamed his kids for the use of the word gay in that context..made him seem an even bigger dick for letting his kids use it in a derogatory sense

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOoO Magic Tutu's from a fairy Godmother?? You are SOOO LUCKY!
I did have a small chuckle over you pondering a mosquito netting. *heheeh* desperate times call for desperate measures.

pastcaring said...

Ooh, a lilac tutu and a rocking red shirt! Nice job!
I have had serious words with the kids about the whole use of the word gay as an insult, it's massively prevalent among kids at school, but I just won't tolerate it, and have given them a right old ear bashing on the subject! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for the tutus magically appearing! And yay for joining in the tutus and teacups! The red tshirt is FABULOUS! So Iris is your stylist now? She's a rock star. Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Non-Twee Tulle and Tea AND Gay Red Shirt Day all in one outfit - that's sass baby, pure sass. Oh how I wish I had a fairy godmother too. Big hugs darling xoxoxoxo

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love your tutu. Ugh, John Key. I was so offended when he tried to justify it by saying he actually meant stupid. No, John, just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm stupid.

haxm rana said...
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saving for travel said...

You look lovely. This isn't a challenge I've heard of but I know a couple of people who might be keen :)

Sft x

Melanie said...

I'm late to your party here! You look smashing in your fair godmother-sent tutu with your awesome red T.