17 November 2012

Jumbling On. This Morning.

( I'm still behind on my loot posts, but I'm jumping to today!)

It is right in the thick of Jumble/Gala/Fete season here.
Yesterday's paper promised approx 7 church/school/fundraiser sales..

As it is my boy's ACTUAL birthday today, a big mission was not to be..
but I KNOW the Cats' Protection League ones ALWAYS deliver. Previous haul posts from their sales here and here!


The woman was almost apologetic looking at my huge boxes and bags of 'junk' and asking me for a tenner..

ALL OF THIS for $10: 

I don't do teddy bears. I got this one for the outfit, and she's in the op shop bag already, sans outfit!(sorry teddy lovers!)
I knew Iris would love the 'Toot toot' on the funny pink one.

* I have always wanted an electric knife!!
* Cutest pair of leather shoes
* Yeh cool shades for one of my cool kids
* Water balloons - one of my kids is OBSESSED with these things!
* A purple 'puffle' (If you have kids you might know about these!)

* 2 pairs cool shoes (need a bit of a clean but don't smell and that's what I care about!!)
* Pair of brilliant football boots.
* Large pink woolen blanket
* Also in the box are 2 cotton flannelette FITTED singles sheets.
Never seem to have enough of those.

Large bag of leis. Got a few projects in mind for those.

Old christmas stuff.
Plus a roll of red ribbon
and a kitsch-as-hell bunch of roses candle. 

* Wire storage basket
* duplo giraffe ( We have a duplo set that I have collected ENTIRELY at op shops and garage sales,  piece by piece, like this! It costs a fortune bought new. It's large lego, for the uninitiated!)
* tiny bag of tiny buttons
* tube of beads
* 1963 GIRL annual. Not in great nick, but very entertaining.
*Nice little shelf thing

* 2 fairy wings
* 2 fairy hairbands
* 2 pink wigs
* 2 wands!!!!!

* Loads of clothing for kids/babies of all ages! A couple of items for me but mainly the kids.
My 3rd son (Gilbert) is very fashion conscious (how the hell did that happen?! ) and he LOVES accessorizing. Those hats are the kind he's always harping on about. Plain beanies, and a peaked beanie, and a cap that is that particular shape (he described it in great detail!)
*Ooops that other pink photo is in there again.

Fabulous dress!

Loads of togs (swimming costumes) and fabric. Incl matching scarf for the dress above.

A page from the 1963 Girl Annual.
I can't help but wonder how many girls' self esteem was ruined by such  labelling. They were encouraged to put themselves in boxes like that, and no doubt tried to follow the 'rules' for trying to make themselves look beautiful.


If op shops as we know them disappear, the old fashioned Jumble Sale might see us through!!!

Get out there and into it!!

And by the way, as of today, I've been a mama for 10 years.

Happy Days!

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saving for travel said...

Oh, congratulations!

That is an UNBELIEVABLE haul! Wow! Those beanies look brand new. More fairy wings, you can never have enough.

I love the Christmas decorations, the circular one is vintage and we had them on our tree when I was growing up.

Sft x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Wow! Just wow!! And here's me at home still in me nightie!! :D

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I love those girls' annuals particularly from the 1960s, which seemed to be the beginning of the lowering of girls' self-esteem about their bodies - they're quite a hoot to read and I grab them whenever I can. Single fitted sheets are always needed, especially when there's been a 1am accident;). I don't even bother buying new sheets and duvet covers now, as long as they're 100% cotton I hunt them down second-hand. Congratulations on 10 years of motherhood darling, I'm sending you big hugs xoxo

Sue said...

I cannot wait to see the fabulous dress and scarf on!!! Fantastic haul of goodies, I nearly did the garage sales that you had circled and then I was suddenly car less. Congrats on the Ten years of being a mum, you have plenty more to come and they start getting interesting soon (says the mother of two young men).

Melanie said...

Okay, those groovy fabrics have certainly got my attention, and that dress!! Congrats on your ten years.

bonsaimum said...

OMG, I'm sooo jealous. What a fantastic haul, its like christmas already!!! Happy Birthday to your son. Hope he had a great day.Congratulations on your 10 years--and your still sane!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh THAT DRESS!!! The fabric is INCREDIBLE - i can't wait to see you model it for us! How hilarious are those old mags - terrible for the self esteem, but fabulous for a laugh! Happy Birthday to your lovely boy! Sarah xxx

ThrifterSisters said...

Ten dollars??!! Wow, you got an amazing amount of stuff. My favorites by far is all the vintage Christmas.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

looking at those listings, you have more sales in a day than my town has in a year! and you always find interesting things too

sue said...

Heavens - what a hail! Thrift shopping for kids is sooo much fun and you obviously have the knack! My eye fell on that paisley number in the first pic and I thought you had scored some retro fabric - it turns out it is a dress - all made and ready to go - lucky duck! Thanks for joining in with Thrift-a-long!

Dearest Lou said...

Great haul and happy ten years! I swear thrift shops aren't as good here in the US!

Dearest Lou

Melissa said...

Oh Wow
What a fabulous collection of goodies, well done

Sharon said...

That is a crazy amazing haul! Happy birthday to your son and well done to you on 10 years.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Great score!

Even though I am a boy, I would love to read that Girl book, especially if a lot more of the book was like the page you posted.

There is still a little "riot grrl" left in me, LOL.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...


Thanks for linking up with Thriftasaurus!