5 November 2012

Christmas Shopping!

I pop into the op shops a lot at the moment. More than usual. 
Just trying to stash up more than usual for Christmas prezzies.

I really don't see the problem with buying gifts second hand.
We have taught our kids young the Reduce, Re-use and Recycle mantra.. and that's how we roll!!

As the kids get older there are becoming coveted toys which are bought new or off trademe.. (ie a certain lego set etc)

But especially for the littlies op shopping is the way to go!

Some of today's scores (not all for prezzies):

Lovely wooden pin set. $3

Not a christmas prez but I love the kitschness of this melamine plate.

VERY princessy sari in the perfect size for Iris, the dress up queen! Looks unworn.$4

I love this money box! It's an old bank savings one.. Iris actually chose this, so I guess it's not for Christmas! 20c

Brand new looking bath towels - SO COOL!  $2 each 

Funky as heck wallpaper with aliens and planets. $1 per roll..

10c lycra book cover for one of the boys.. handmade  by someone.

Another item for the dress up queen! $1.50

What do you think about buying second hand for gifts?

In my family (ie brothers and sisters nieces nephewsetc)
we do a MAKE BAKE SEW GROW gifting thing, which is great.

I'd love to make bake sew and grow all my kids prezzies too but there just aren't enough hours in the day! Usually I make a few things.
And I try to encourage the kids to make stuff.

Happy Days

Go Obama.


Liz said...

Love that space themed wallpaper - great find!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Max said...

You turn up some amazing things! I love the make, bake, sew approach and am aiming for 90 per cent this year in that vein (mainly cause i'm broke, but i am enjoying it more than i do shopping!. Im always stashing opped things for presents-if you have a good eye you can find some beautiful and unique things (ie cool saris and amazing space wallpaper!!! X

Anonymous said...

I love all your finds, especially the dress-up clothes for Iris and the vintage space themed wallpaper!
I can imagine that you don't have enough time to craft, it could be nice to find something second hand and personalize it a little, like painting on boxes,bags and vases or restyle old dresses, it's faster, cheaper and it makes a great impression!

gabrielle said...

that wall paper...such a find. We are about to delve into my bedroom closet and pull out the bags I've been stashing all year to work out what exactly each small person has for xmas stockings

Misfits Vintage said...

Love love LOVE those gorgeous towels!!! I have no problem buying preloved for gifts - almost all of Annabel's dresses are op shopped and I often find awesome books and accessories for gifts too. Sarah xxx

nancyworegreenstockings said...

I love preloved things as presents, for myself and for others. You can find so many wonderful things!

I love the wooden pin set and the bath towels so much!

Astrid said...

I love the MAKE BAKE SEW and GROW mantra! I have no issues gifting pre loved items...they usually have more personal meaning. My sister's kids do an annual handmade ornament exchange with friends. Here's a link to one of their ornament crafts
Love the space wallpaper ~ what are you going to do with it?
Your newest Canadian follower!

Georgia Rose said...

Ugh excuse me while I relocate to Hamilton! These are THE BEST finds. The alien wallpaper reminds me of a Ray Bradbury story and those floral towels... all I can do is sigh. Amazing finds, your kids or anyone would be very lucky to receive these for Christmas!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Fantastic find as usual and I really don't mind giving or receiving second hand presents. I love the little Shalwar Kameez princess suit and the set of pins. Keep up the good work! xx

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous finds, love the dressing up stuff for Iris and her crazy money box! Fab towels too.
I buy secondhand gifts for those who I know will be fine with it, but not for those who might turn their nose up... The kids are fine with secondhand, they know my shopping habits and as long as they get decent stuff, they don't care if it's preloved! xxxx

Mum said...

Yep, my children had second hand gifts when they were young and are getting hand made gifts now (wrapped up in material or home made bags which can be used again). DH is giving me a present from the CS (I bought it!)
Love from Mum


Oh how fabulous...I just love those towels..
Having trouble getting your address so I can send your little House..I've emailed you but it qbviously has got lost in the ether..can you try emailing me ..

Vicky x

Vintage Coconut said...

*IIIeeeeeyyaaa* More wallpaper, and it's so FREAKING AWESOME.
The wood pin set is so cute.
Love the melamine plate! (I have a small obsession with melamine.)
The towels are lovely.

I don't mind buying second hand gifts for people who I know will appreciate them. I do purchase some thrifted items for my family's Christmas gifts but I also purchase new things to go along side them. The thrifted items are "My Bonus's" *haha*

Van said...

I LOVE those towels and the wallpaper, gorgeous!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Ooooh! You said the 'C' word! Stop it! Stop it right now! I don't buy many pressies, moving 12,000 miles away from everyone I used to buy for and it's saved me a fortune! haha! Although I do have some handmade things unfinished that I really should get done and posted to the UK before it's too late!

Julie said...

That space themed vinyl is awesome - good find. I love re-thrifting or upcycling second hand things for gifts.

bonsaimum said...

I think that alien wallpaper has started something :). We march to the reduce, recycle and reuse mantra as well. Good for us, good for the planet.Iris's costume looks great.

Sue said...

I think second hand presents are fine because most of what you can score second hand is virtually new anyway or vintage and very cool. Win win really. My boys grew up with second hand and hand me downs and they turned out normal so I don't seem to have socially scared them!! Love all the stuff for Iris, oh to have a wee girl in the house. I may well find things for your darling when I am out and about.

Andrea@Familyconnect said...

I would be thrilled to receive second hand gifts, especially that alien wallpaper! But, I would be careful who I gave second hand things to. I know some people who would love it, but I can think of at least a couple who would be appalled.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Whoa that wallpaper is AMAZING!!! Can't believe it was only a dollar per roll. I'm all for second hand gifts. Most of the time they are going to be a hell of a lot better quality than whatever you can buy at the Warehouse these days anyway. Handmade is also great. xx