25 November 2012

Recently Found - (Part 2) and a partay

A topical find, obviously! Love these old ones... I have a couple of projects in mind for these, potentially..

Crown Lynn plates and Johnson plates (pink)
* These are incredibly useful as they are the smaller size of dinner plate (much harder to find and perfect for my kids) and the bowls are larger and flatter than the regular ones. (perfect for pasta, or 4 weetbix, as opposed to 2 lol!)

Cute book about a lady called Jessie who takes all her 'small animals' for a visit to the city.

There they are freaking out at the pace of the big smoke. Iris was practically in tears. 

Cute little sewing box.

My fav tea towel ever. I'm putting it on the wall somewhere.

Finally found the right cabinet for this space!!!
Seriously, this is exactly what I had been hunting for. Yuss.
So stoked.

 My oldest nephew turned 21 today.. we went to his party last night..

Summer is here!! Yes!! 
John busted out one of his Hawaii shirts to celebrate.

 That's my ne-phew right there..

Me and my sister and brother-in-law.. (I'm sure they won't mind featuring on my blog!) 

Hope you've all had a great weekend too.

Happy Days!


Anonymous said...

What lovely finds and gorgeous family pics.
I love me some Johnson plates, I'm trying to piece together a mismatched set. The book looks so sweet and the sewing box is delightful. Then there is the cabinet, awesome score you must be so pleased.

gabrielle said...

more great scores love the scenic prints

Vix said...

There's some gorgeous smiles here. Love John's Hawaiian shirt and your fab sewing box! x

Mum said...

IRYPT - Happy Birthday oldest nephew!
Love from Mum

Miss Simmonds Says said...

lovely family photos!
I love that cabinet, everyone seemed to have one when I was growing up, except us. The sewing box is particularly cute too

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

LOVE the cabinet!! I just sourced one similar for a friend - would have had it myself but not got enough space and husband not so keen! Also adore your new sewing box - what a great find! X

bonsaimum said...

Great photo's. Looks like you all had a great time. I must say I really like your new sewing box-its gorgeous.:)

Sue said...

Great Scores!!! 21st parties and summer, bring it on!!! Lovin' your new cabinet.

pastcaring said...

Love the pics of your family, good to see you all glamorous with your lippy on, love!
Love the fabric on that sewing box, and ahhhh, that book is so cute!
Don't you remember when everyone had that style of teak furniture? Cabinets and sideboards and room dividers? Lovely, great find! xxx

Rhiannon said...

Pretty much love everything you ever find, but that cabinet is ammmmmmazing. Tell me it wasn't super cheap!?
Cute family photos too!