28 August 2011

Recent Finds

 I've been op-shopping.. 
I have never had great resolve. 
There are still things to be unpacked.
Never mind!!

Add fabric to make a funky catsuit!
Hours of fun!

Um yeh, she's not a recent find, but she's so cute I had to chuck a photie in!

Not particularly retro but I found this number. It looks a bit like some of my wallpaper!

As in my previous post, taking a photo of myself is complicated!

"Rupert, Rupert the Bear, everyone sing his name!"

This even has a funky backing. Love it!

I think this is a tea cosy..
(Gil playing with the 20c label!)

I can't resist these spoons. We use them, we don't hang them up as a collection.

OK this is a major thrill..
These are hand tinted photos.
In original frames.
Having a daughter called Iris makes this find particularly thrilling!

Linked up to Her Library Adventures..


VintageSweetheart said...

Gorgeous finds I don't have much resolve either! I love the dress up girl and those spoons so cute!

E :)

Florence said...

opshopholic anonymous, that's what we need! hard to stop when you know you are going to find some great little treasures, like the dress up doll, the spoons, the blanket, etc. good luck with the unpacking...! x

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Those hand tinted photos are the greatest you opshopping goddess. I loathe taking photos of myself as well which is stink because my hokohoko clothes are wicked. Good scores.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

I use my spoons too...the designs are too awesome to languish on a shelf and I'm a believer in using things unless they're the real precious precious

Vix said...

Back with avegeance! I love everything but especially that tea cosy-cum-hat! Your daughter is a cutie, you should train her to take photos then we can admire you more often. x

Vintage Coconut said...

Ohhh my gosh that little wood dess up doll is just the sweetest.
But not as sweet as your live doll. *hehe*
I like your top!
The knit bear is so cute.

hahha at the tea cozied head. I commented on someones blog that some of the tea cozies that are kicking around would make WAY BETTER HATS! THEY MUST BE SHOWN OFF! =D

Penny-Rose said...

Love those tinted photos of iris flowers, and the hat/tea cosy. Good finds, and Rupert is gorgeous.

Max said...

I would be sewing up the holes and sooo wearing that teacosy its fab!

Gillian W said...

Iris is adorable, and I was known to wear tea cosies in my day (that would be age 3-5 years :) Love your posts!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE that fabulous dress up doll and the tea cosy/hat and that FABULOUS crocheted blanket - is it attached to the cotton blanket underneath it?

Sarah xxx

lasophia said...

Your daughter and Rupert are so cute! I had forgotten about him, is he from the UK? I'll Google it haha.