25 August 2011

Self Portraits or How The Hell do I get a Photo of Myself on Here??!!

So I see all these amazing blogs with people looking fabulous in their outfits, and I think.. 

Who the hell is taking all these great photos? 
Are you all blessed with talented and willing spouses or family members?
And how are they so patient?

Op Shop Daddy is a lovely guy. Obviously. 
He is talented in many ways and I love him to bits
he couldn't take a decent photo to save himself.

So I thought I'd give the self-timer a go.

The best of several, and even then I had to crop it.

And then I thought I'd try the self-take holding the camera out.

So, you see, about an hour of trying, and that's as good as it got!!

Any ideas you lot?!



Vintage Coconut said...

I mostly use the self timer and a tripod. The tripod has a wonky leg that sometimes likes to slide down on its own and ruin my pictures. *lol* But until I find a different one for a good deal it will have to do.
Sometimes if my guys with me I ask him. *But shhh most of the time they end up blurry* hahaah

I like your cardi and necklace and your little munchkin is just precious!

Penny-Rose said...

I have the same problem - must go and buy a tripod and learn how to use the self-timer!! My Dear Daughter takes most of mine. I love the necklace!

duchess_declutter said...

I think you did pretty well actually. Nice to meet you! cheers Wendy

Nelly said...

I think you did great too most of mine cept on very rare occassions is done using self timer and I take lots and lots then a cull the ones I dont want to share lol sadly today I couldnt find or be bothered to look for my tripod so they are a bit sad plus my camera needs retiring very soon.

Vix said...

Well I can see where your kids get their good looks from!
I have an obedient bloke at hand to take most of mine, he's pretty good most of the time. x

Mum said...

Your pics look fine to me especially the cute ones at the end.
Love from Mum

Regula said...

I just found you blog. Very nice.

About the pictures. I have the same problem. However, you got some pritty nice pics after an hour, I think.

I hold out my arm, try not to look from above (makes big nose holes) and be as relaxed as possible. Otherwise the neck looks like the throught of a hen.

lasophia said...

OP shop daddy haha! I see you took pics with Op shop baby. Well, I use my tripod and my boyfriend helps as well, but I feel really stupid when he does it. And vain cause I ask him to take a lot. My mom is sooo bad at taking pics, I have to set up the shot and tell her where to stand. She is always zooming in on my face! Just got back from vacay, good to hear from you again. Dont give up the self portrait fight!