16 August 2011


SO I can't find my blimmin camera connecter cord thingy so I can't put up the photos I've been taking recently.

So this marvellous snap will have to do instead.

You may have heard that there has been a 'Polar Snap/Outbreak' here in NZ. PLaces that don't usually get snow, have had snow. In Hamilton here, it is unheard of. And we got a wee flurry yesterday that lasted about a minute. The kids at the school (over the back fence) were all out to play as it was lunchtime. What excitement and thrill!!

In other news:

* I am banned from op-shopping until I finish dealing with all the boxes of stuff everywhere, It's killing me. I realise that I am seriously addicted!! I have unearthed a great deal of buried treasure that I'd forgotten about during the house move. They will have to be my 'Recent Finds' for a while!!

Random photo of me and the crew on a train trek one Sunday last month.

* That lounge suite went for $178 in a last minute bidding war. I would have paid masses more for it, had I the chance. Invercargill, for those interested, is in the deep South, on the other island...

Yes it was baby blue and purple. And it was one of those modular ones
you can arrange various ways... Drool. 

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 


one denim bird said...

Good ole Rod baby, he just never dies ha!!! Good luck with the op-shop ban.............

Nelly said...

I am seriously an opshop addict too.I have been unpacking boxes and finding forgotten and have never seen before ( I swear) treasures so I have been laying of my huge regular go to all the opshops shopping.Its hard tho isnt it?I hope you find a lounge just like that one thats alot closer to you very soon.

Vix said...

I'd wear Rod's outfit, it's rather snazzy!
Glad to hear that suite went for a decent amount or I'd have been brooding about it for weeks.
You've got excellent taste so I'm always happy to have a peak at your treasures, new or not.
Keep warm! x

Max said...

omg, that photo, omg, omg, omg!

duchess_declutter said...

oh Rodney. I cannot believe he is about to tour Australia. again. Back in the day maybe, but now?

Bringing out your old finds is a great idea. Everything old is new again? maybe that's what Rod thinks also.

There will be another lounge. Trust me.

cheers Wendy

Misfits Vintage said...

I would have swum across the creek to get it - it's GORGEOUS!

Are all of those children YOURS??? Are you the Von Trapps?

Sarah xxx

Michelle @ RockMYRoll said...

In a car crash moment i could barely tear myself away from the crotch with the hair at the top...good lord ha ha