11 August 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #10 JUGS!


Gratuitous jug photographing.
This is me collating my collections... every now and then I get around to it - but I gotta say - it aint weekly anymore!! Never mind..

They don't usually live on the window sill.
And there are more.
How many jugs does a girl need?
The left one lives near the phone.
The one on the right was on the bathroom window sill..

The 2 industrial looking ones were gathered by John on a garage sale expedition..
That's good old Crown Lynn on the left. Built to last that stuff.

Shabby chic-ness.

Found when carrying my Iris within... confirmed my name choice at that very moment.. I was responsible for the nasty large chip - boo hiss. I will keep it as is though!

Sorry about the lack of posts... So busy right now.

I occasionally have a quick peek at the other beautiful blogs. But I'm not getting around to comment sorry bloggy friends. Hopefully becoming less busy real soon...

Here's hoping!!



Vix said...

I do love a nice jug and yours are a delight! xxx

Mum said...

Lovely to meet a fellow jugaholic. Must line mine up sometime!
Love from Mum

duchess_declutter said...

Years ago I started a little (in size) jug collection. Yours are all a decent size and would take up a lot of room whereever you put them - lucky you have all that space now! Enjoy. cheers Wendy

lasophia said...

Thanks so much! I have been meaning to take a look at your jugs, haha. Great collection. I don't even know what I collect, prob Garfield stuff and 1984 L.A. Olympics stuff. Would love to collect cookie jars but that sounds like trouble!

Judith said...

I love jugs - I have a small collection - well not even sure if you would call it a collection yet? I use mine for all sorts of things not necessarily what they were intended for tho.