22 August 2011

Recent finds

I have a self-imposed ban on op-shopping (until I finish unpacking after our big move) ..
I broke the ban today..
Just a little bit.
2 op shops.
That's all.

Belts 20cents each. Bargain.

Ok these weren't bought today - but I managed to finish hanging them up today! Part of my mirror collection.

You might recognise this.. it's  exactly the same as one I already have.. only in much better nick.

So I'll give away my other one to someone who
wants it or to an opShop..

AND now for something completely different..

I wish I'd seen this at the start of August.. looks like fun, doesn't it?
Maybe I could join it late?

Found it at OH SO LOVELY by the way.

Quite restrained at the oppies wasn't I? 

Very selective these days, as I gaze upon my 2 PACKED garage spaces FULL of boxes!



Vix said...

I've got a wall of mirrors, too. Yours look fabulous.
Loving that organiser, it's so cheerful. x

Misfits Vintage said...

I have two of those egg cups! Love that gorgeous organiser.

Sarah xxx

Boho Queen said...

I love the photography challenge.... Looks like something I would love to do too

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Amazing organizer - love it.

I am trying to move house at the moment and have the fear. Am also kind of on a ban and decluttering kick. Will hopefully be a bigger house to fill up though!

one denim bird said...

That collection of mirrors is gorgeous!!! I'm not sure I could cope with an "op shop" BAN!!! Your colorful organiser is fantastic. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I've been collecting vintage mirrors to display like that..still a ways to go though.

I received a new camera recently and have been thinking of doing a photo challenge...I don't think it matters that the month is almost over :)


Florence said...

hello! i hadn't visited your blog for a little while, just so busy, but today i had a good read of it and pleased i did too! where do i start...?! i adore your little daisy chain, i wish they still made them, it is so cool. i also admire your collection of jugs (the cream and green one, the one that lived in your bathroom i think, is it a clarisse cliff by any chance?), i often stop myself from buying more, but then when i see a whole collection like yours i tell myself that it is well worth it, they look gorgeous. same for the mirrors, i have started collecting them too, but we never put them up on the walls (which is where i want them to be, of course), and one got broken, so i've kind of given up, pity. yours are cool. i hope you are enjoying your new house. and op shopping again... ;-) PS: i will have to show my boys the photo of your frozen underpants, they'll love it! xx

VintageSweetheart said...

You got some great stuff! I know if I set an op shop ban I would break it. I can't help it I'm an addict.

E :)