20 August 2011

Five Friday Faves

Sheesh I missed it again!! (Friday, I mean) 
My favourite thingies didn't jump out and say "Make a new Post about us!!"

So I've hunted them down...
A few scenes from our week 
here in Hamilton, NZ!

1. These frozen undies just about killed my 
3 little guys, they laughed so hard..
Someone had left them out on the deck and
this was the result one frosty morning.

Oh, and don't you love our view?
Yes, that's the kids' school over there  across that field!! Bliss.

2. My radio.
Link to the outside world and keeping me a bit sane. Maybe!
Kathryn Ryan from 9 till noon.
Commercial free of course.  

3. A bit of colour in the grey kitchen in our new house..

4. I found these in the un-pack! They were in my Christmas stocking when I was a youngster.
I LOVED them!
Iris thinks they're pretty cool too.

Anyone else recognise them?
You can click them together and un-click them.. make daisy chains, belts, hair thingies or tiaras etc!!
They are pretty old and a bit flimsy feeling now.. but NOSTALGIA trip here!!

5. Making my boys make one meal a week..
That's raspberry lemonade there folks.
Homemade with remnants of Summer, from our freezer (raspberries)

So those were a few scenes from our place this week.
Even if I don't get time to comment, I often have a quick squizz at what y'all are up to - a lot of inspiring and fabulous people out there!!

I don't know how you guys put up so many posts...
I am in awe!

Hope you're all rocking your weekend!


Lucy Nation said...

Just discovered your blog and am enjoying all the house candy. Love those psychadelic plates! x

Mum said...

My favourite are your biscuit tin pictures (they are tops from tins aren't they?) What a fantastic way to display them.
Our weekend's rocking well so far.
Love from Mum

Helga! said...

I remember those daisy thingys!!
Love how you use wonderful retro tin lids on the wall!
Darl,I don't have kids,therefore I have more time to blog!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I love those frozen undies! Those daisy things look like great fun and I love all your lovely vintage bits n pieces and that gorgeous bright tea cosy. Great pics.

Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh the frozen undies made me laugh too!!!!
All your treasure is so fantastic in your new nest!
Happiness is TREASURE!!!!! Not frozen undies. tee hee!

Vix said...

Those frozen unduies are hilarious!
I love the clip together daisies, I do remember having some when I was a kid, I wish I still had them. x

Vintage Coconut said...

Bhahah at the frozen undies! lol
I love your radio.. Oh my goodness (SO JELOUS) That is something on my [To get list]
The plastic clippy flowers are very sweet.

Michelle @ RockMYRoll said...

I adore how you have put those tin lids on the wall...very cleaver. And also the daisy chain links..they are great...what a luck child you were...and to save them this long..amazing.

Craftysquirrel said...

oooh I remember those plastic daisy things - they were fun.