28 April 2011


I remember so clearly the RW in 1981.. we didn't have a telly so we all (there were 8 of us) crammed into our neighbour Gayle's tiny lounge. My Mum was a total romantic nostalgic type.. and my Dad is anti-monarchy -and despite being a Londoner himself - only came so he could scoff at everything, and probably to help Mum with crowd control!!! Dad donned a pair of large Charles ears for the occasion, from memory.

Anyway, despite not being too interested in the Royal Family, I grew up a total Diana fan.. a bit of a girly-girl, I was..

The wedding of Kate and William is pretty hard to avoid. It seems like it's a must-watch whether one is a monarchist or not. It's fascinating and momentous, whatever the case!

If I were in London still I'd be tempted to throw a street party like this..

but with a bit more bunting!

And if it was Summer here I might make this for dessert tonight..

I was tempted to order one of these for my Dad and one for myself because I think they're bloody brilliant!!

And these are a couple of favourite things I've found around the place...

The wedding is on in the evening/night here.. so a lot of people are having parties that involve either dressing up as princesses and/or trying to fit into your own wedding dress (eek).. There is a fab drinking game for watch parties that absolutely cracks me up.. 

I think we'll have a celebratory red, white and blue party of some sort. Maybe we'll drink a bit of tea, but I don't think I'll keep my little princes up for a late one tonight!! 

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Kate said...

Wasn't it just gorgeous and romantic!
I stayed home with our littlies and missed the party and had to watch it alone but I didn't care. I was so swept up in the moment.