5 April 2011


OK so I've seen in a lot of beautiful blogs this GRATEFUL thing.. And I think it's a GREAT (pun intended) idea. The thing is that we can lose track of the really wonderous things especially when you're Mummying away and you're buried under Mt Washmore, and the place is a disaster zone, and the kids are squabbling, and there is NO evening meal organised etc etc

So I'm going to do this too. I'm sure there's a linky thing that I should be doing to join up with the other grateful posts on a blog hop or something... but for the life of me my non-techno-savvy brain won't let me find out about how to do that..(PLease let me know if you're reading this and you know!)


* Peace and quiet in the evenings!

* These big eyes.

* Butterfly rescues (well, attempted ones.. there wasn't much hope for this one sadly.. its wings didn't unfurl properly - sob, sob)  But I'm grateful to the kids for their enthusiastic nurturing.. which even involved pushing this butterfly in former fondue pot around in a pushchair. 

* Grapes, figs and feijoas. And friends to share them with!!

* Budding scientists/explorers, and developing lifelong friendships!

* This little dude and his 50c op-shop score! (mask/ visor/helmet/torch thingy which he was SO pleased to find!!

* Being a Hamiltonian during Balloon festival time! 


Stacey Loveridge said...

Lovely stuff Linda! I love the tenderness of pushing the butterfly around in a pushchair!(in said fondue pot)Too sweet for words.:)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Stacey thanks!! I love that blog of yours.. but was it work related? As I see you haven't done anything on it for awhile.. Motherhood??? Hope you're good. x