13 April 2011

Garage Sale-ing

I went to a couple of Garage Sales on Saturday. In days past I used to be WAY more hardcore... mapping out the route to get around all of them, and getting up at the crack of dawn, and doing as many as possible...

These days I just go to the BIG ones.. the JUMBLE SALES or Galas/Fairs to check out the 'White Elephant' stalls.  The ones at churches and schools, or the ones that say 'Fundraiser' in the listing!

One thing is always the same.. I come home refreshed and renewed.. either because of the cool stuff I find, and/or because I have had a wonderful morning hunting - time for myself! (Although sometimes, as on this Saturday past, I go with a friend or family member..)

Just a couple of things..
(I can't quite remember what I got - it was 5 days ago 
and that seems like AGES in this household! 
In a good way!)

I felt as though I ought to know this monkey from somewhere... He looks so familiar! 
He is very quirky and made out of that old plastic.. His shoe needs some attaching ..
but aside from that he/she is in perfect condition!

Lovely birds!


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