14 April 2011


I'm grateful for..

* The AMAZING weather we've had this week. Autumn is starting.. the days are shorter and it's cooler in the mornings and nights but SUCH glorious days!

* The Mardon Rd Op Shop.. Unfortunately it's closing down next week. It's done an amazing job in the community.. Toys and kids' books ALWAYS free.. so that's where I dropped off any of my stuff that I was getting rid of. And always a FREE box outside.. and I got some amazing things out of there often. They were cheap and cheerful and quirky and I'll miss the women in there a lot!!

* FEIJOAS. It's that time of the year again. I can't get enough of them.

* School holidays starting tomorrow.

* The moments in the day where I watch the kids quietly from afar and hope that I remember the picture that I'm seeing forever. Sometimes I take a photo to make sure I don't forget.. A bit like this one:

They spent a long time in here. It was a rocket and they had water squirter bottles to fend off the bad guys.

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