7 April 2011

LA LA LA PRETTY FLAMINGOES! ( My virtual collection!)

I've got a thing about flamingoes. I think they're terrific. And as I get older and kitschier I love them more!! Is it their pinkness? How unique they are - A pink bird, that's pretty unique...? Or their retro kitsch factor? Dunno.. but I am goingto collect them. All I have so far is one with flapping wings in the garden that the kids keep pulling out and some clothing items..

Here are a few FLAMINGO things that set my heart racing!! How shallow am I???!!

And that's what I want.. a whole lawn full of them!!

Got the pic here

LOVE this! And looks do-able too!
Got it here


SUCH a funky wedding!! Love the flamingoes down the aisle!! See more here

Flamingo Lovers!

And this is from the most amazing knitting sharing website  Ravelry. I am going to  make this one day.. Defo!

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PEACHES said...

Best. Post. Ever.
And can I just state the obvious? a flamingo wedding?!?!