2 October 2013

New Stuff... Part 1

It's the school holidays..

I haven't been doing much op shopping..

But as I had a big lag between posts, I have a backlog of thrift bragging to do!

Cute coloured little port glasses.
(THere is NOTHING like port for soothing the throat!)

20c each. Bargain.

1986 kiwiana.
Also 20c.

Baskets for storage (an obsession of mine)
and I can't resist old tiles like that.

Funky bird.

Crown Lynn jug.
I don't buy every Crown Lynn jug I see - but I like this one a lot. ($1.50)

Cute bird.
My bird collection grows..

Speaking of birds...
Linda @Hey Homewrecker!
(one of my favourite blogs..)
sent me

..these adorable little vintage love birds.

SO cute.
And Iris is in love too.

Thank you Linda!

Happy Days!


Jane George said...

oooo those sparkly glasses are so gorgeous x

Vix said...

Love Linda's gift and that wooden bowl thingy is fab! x

Linda said...

Yeah! Glad it made it all the way to the other side of the world! xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Love the gift, very cute. I haven;t got my op shop mojo back yet since the holiday, must get arse back into gear :D

thimble said...

love those port glasses!

Zara said...

Lovely Linda.
And beautiful op-shopped finds. x

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the little port glasses. You can never have too many baskets for storage. They are so useful.

Brooke F said...

The vintage bird gift is adorable and I can see why Iris loves it too!

Helga! said...

I see those little glasses a lot, and keep resisting.love 'em!
Baskets, a gal can never have too many! XXX

Sue said...

Good collecting for your collections!!! Hope this weather holds so it is nicer for the school holidays.

Jill said...

What luck to find a whole set of glasses! Cute!

pastcaring said...

I can't resist vintage glassware, and the birdies (all of them) are delightful! xxxx

Mezz said...

great op shop finds as always...and such pretty gifts u recieved! mezz x