4 October 2013

Frock on Friday

This is a catch up Friday Frock.

A few weeks ago our school (Woodstock)
had a fundraiser Quizz Night.

They couldn't find anyone famous so I had to be the quizz master/MC..

The theme happened to be 'Op Shop'..
Not my idea - but I was obviously able to oblige!

I had a few emergency calls from some of my friends who needed frocks...
I got a selection out.
Some are from LONG ago, that I haven't worn for ages, mainly because I can't fit my ass(ets) in.

As the Quizz Master, the 'tache was obligatory.
I absolutely love this green dress. It is SO comfy. 
The necklace was my Mum's meeting necklace (or that's what I called it)
She wore it when she went to Borough Council meetings in Greytown (my home town)
I remember the long boots, the perfume
and this necklace! (circa 1976/77)

Jo wore this fabulous 70s bridesmaid's number.
I found it a couple of years ago and I LOVE it.
It is so OTT it is INSANE!
Happy Days!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Well you had me at green maxi dress....that frock is superb. I for one would LOVE to raid your collection too. I love your name for that necklace. Don't you love those reminders of childhood. Imagine all the kooky/funky memories your kids are going to have! Xx

Jane George said...

i love it! you have butterfly wings on your green dress.....you could link it hint hint!!!! were all those dresses out of your wardrobe? everybody looks like a rainbow! i wanna play! x

Vix said...

Wow! All you ladies look incredible! That green dress is gorgeous and how fab to have your Mum's necklace, too. I'm sure my Mum had similar! x

Anonymous said...

Sure the quiz night theme wasn't your suggestion, but you were in your absolute element weren't you?

How glorious you and your friends look together. Your green maxi is all sorts of wonderful and what funniness that ye necklace has a name.

I love that yellow bridesmaid maxi, you're it's so over the top but it's glorious.

pastcaring said...

Hurray for quiz nights, for op shopped frocks, for kitting everyone out in colourful vintage fabulousness, and for looking amazing in that beautiful maxi with your mum's necklace (with or without the 'tache!) xxxx

Brooke F said...

Your green dress is amazing and the 'tache just adds to the look beautifully. Great dresses all round really.XXX

Sue said...

I find fitting my girls into vintage frocks is quite difficult, were they all perky B cups bake in the day?? Great line up of frocks and you look bloody gorgeous in your green!!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

you all look great!