29 September 2013

Memory Lane Flares

I was taken on a little trip down memory lane when I saw Vix's post about her fabulous psychedelic creation..

She looks amazing, right?!

She used that pattern in the middle..
Even copied the hair.
AND she has the same figure as that model..
You could have been a 70s pattern model Vix!
(Vix's photo)

Anyway, when I was in my last year of school, my Mum asked me what I wanted her to make for my Prizegiving outfit (like Graduation)

I flicked through her stash of patterns
and chose 

She made it for me..
She was awesome like that.
And I wore it proudly.
Clashing wildly with all my friends of course.
(It was 1992, and OP Shop Stylez were NOT in vogue!!! I lived in 60s/70s op shopped clothes.)
Wish I had a full length shot. The shoes were red soft leather platforms from the op shop.


Happy Days!!!


Lynn Dylan said...

Oh, I love your pant suit! Too fun! Old photos are the best! And you nailed Vix for sure -- she could so be a 1970s model! LOL. Lovely post!


Mariela said...

Great minds think alike! I love the pattern of your two piece outfit.

bonsaimum said...

oh yes, I remember the pant suits. I was wearing them in the 70's. If I remember rightly the suit was in aqua. I felt so cool. I think yours was much prettier.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Well weren't you a red hot opshop mama :D How cool was your mum! Shit if my mother had made me anything like that it would have fallen to pieces once I walked out the door :D lol

Jane George said...

you were always a trend setting vixen then! 2 vixen's in one post! xxx

Vix said...

Oh my gawd! How freaky is that?! Your Mum created a masterpiece and you looked amazing - a heck of a lot better than your 1992 classmates, the Nineties fashions were bloody awful! You haven't changed a bit! xxx

Sue said...

Hot mama!

gabrielle said...

Such a fabulous outfit..hope you guys have fabulous school holidays too x

Jill said...

Fun post - looks like you were having a fun time in that suit!

nancyworegreenstockings said...

How freaking cute do you look? And how neat!

Anonymous said...

What a blast from the past it must have been for you to see Vix's post? Don't you wish you had that outfit now?

Helga! said...

That's frigging AWESOME!!!

pastcaring said...

Isn't that a cool coincidence? You look amazing in your outfit, well done, mum!
Just caught up with your last past too - ahh, the dress from Miss V is adorable. And you're certainly getting lots of wear out of it, that's good! xxxx

Allison said...

oh I love it.....wish I had of been that brave back in the 90`s and not conformed to what was the fashion....oh dear some horror photos in the drawer that's for sure. you and vix both look amazing. x