25 October 2013

Jumble Sale Mama

SO here I am
after another break..

Life and other shite has been seriously getting in the way.
I need a few more hours in the day, preferably in the evening after the kids are all asleep!

The good news is that it's Spring here
and that means

Op Shopping is infrequent for me at the moment.. I save my pennies for the Church Fairs and Galas on Saturdays. 
More bang for my buck.
They're like pop up op shops.
Usually you get a bunch of stuff and get a bulk price. 

The following things were part of a haul at my favourite, the St Albans/ Chartwell Co op Church annual fair, which is legendary. 
(I was first in the door this time - LOL!
Only because I wanted a good close park, and I didn't want to go back home between jumble sales..)

Favourite find. A beautiful quilt that will be in Iris's Christmas haul. 

Kitsch and birds. Brilliant.
Royal kitsch.
(On the birth of the princess that wore the funny hat at The Wedding. Great birthdate by the way 8.8.88.)

Tupperware picnic.

The kids have LOVED this. Magnetic shapes.
Arlo will be getting this for Christmas. 
A beach/garden mat. Very funky design on both sides.
Cute cat!
Sweet little thing. SO much work has gone into this. It's quite old by the looks, but in beautiful, perfect condition.
That was half of the loot from that sale. That was about $10 worth.
I'll post about the rest of the stuff hopefully soon!

I'll also try and catch up on blog reading - it's a long weekend here in NZ.. so yay!

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Janey G said...

omg that quilt!!!! omg that cat cushion!!!! i really want to know how you find out about jumbles!!!! haven't been to 1 in years! missing your blogging nearly spilt my wine with joy to see you had a post up! YAY! I am an op shop mama stalking junkie! x

Mariela said...

Great haul! There's an annual rummage sale at our church. It's so big that people come from out of state to shop. It is very impressive.

fabriquefantastique said...

well done, Unfortunately rummage/jumble sales are dying out here in Toronto, apparently the churches can't get the volunteers. Will there be ant when I am in NZ in Feb?

Zara said...

Wow that only was only half of your haul.. amazing.
The ballerina quilt is stunning. x

Laura Huey said...

This is quite an amazing haul. And for 10 bucks?!
I love to see what you pick up and find it interesting that what you're buying on a whole other continent would be what I would buy here.
Good taste is international ;)

Jill said...

That quilt looks so familiar to me, I never had one but I did have curtains with pink ballerinas, they might have been the same.....

Leanne M said...

I can see why the quilt is your favourite find, it's stunning!

Sue said...

The quilt is to die for and perfect for your darling little Iris. I bet you were chuffed to be first!! Hanging out now to see the rest of your finds.

Michelle Walker said...

Love the quilt and the the Alice rabbit cross stitch. How very lucky xx

Anonymous said...

What an awesome haul! I just love the ballerina quilt and the cat cushion!! Markets are the best for picking up things! xx

A little bit Country said...

Fantastic Haul! Love the quilt and fire engine. I'm hoping to head to more galas this term. the op shops are getting expensive! xo

Max said...

That is the best vintage quilt i have ever seen x

pastcaring said...

There you are, Linda! I've missed you. Yeah, life'n'shite had a nasty habit of getting in the way...
LOVE that ballerina quilt, so so pretty, and the birdy plaque and cat cushion are kitsch-tastic fun. Oh and that wee White Rabbit cross stitch is adorable.
Good to have you back! xxxx

Vix said...

Only yesterday I was thinking of you and wondering where you were. Nice to see you back!
That quilt is gorgeous and I love the psychedelic cat, too.
Pleased to report that the groovy yoghurt maker did it's job to perfection! xxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Oh the ballerina quilt is tops!

Penny-Rose said...

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I would be tempted to get the ballerina quilt and snuggle up with a good book :-)

Brooke F said...

So many treasures! I adore that ballerina quilt and would have gone crazy over it as a little girl. A few more hours each day would be wonderful. If you figure out how to do it please tell me.XXX

thimble said...

oh wow! what a great haul! everythings just so great! I especially love those tupperware cups!

Linda said...

So many fab things!

simmone said...

Enjoy your wonderful goodies, I too am always amazed at those little hand stitched pieces that end up in opshops.

Kari Spriggs said...

Can I just cut and copy Janey's comment??! OMG THAT QUILT AND OMG THAT CAT PILLOW!! Welcome back.:)

nz green buttons said...

Wow that ballerina quilt is amazing! I am so in love with that magnetic set too!

ThrifterSisters said...

That quilt is just about the sweetest thing I have seen! I would put it on my bed :-)


BeckyKay said...

Love that ballerina quilt! So pretty!

Those magnetic shapes look like just the sort of thing I would pick up. Too cute!