29 October 2013

Jumble Sale-ing Part 2

So here's the rest of the haul from my last post (last Saturday's sale scores)

Canister action.

Beaut lamp.

You've seen the cat on the left, but these two were hanging together on the toy stall ..
Iris has a yellow/green version of that wool guy.. So now Arlo will be getting one for christmas - happy days!

Brooches - there were loads as always, for $2 each. 

YOu know I love that terrible kitsch tat.

And those candles I bought for that cute box. 

That red basket is in perfect nick. .
That $2 quilt - =love. (We have another the same)

Anyone have this game as a kid? All the bits are there but no instructions! I can't work it out. 

There was a HUGE pile of old postcards. I only got these 4. So good. They were 10c each. 

Best. Christmas. Tin. Ever.

Nutrimetics vanity case.

These cards have had a lot of play by my kids (and me) already.
Very cute.

Large heavy Meakin cake plate.
 So that's about it.
There were a few other bits and pieces. Including some gifts for some vintage loving family/friends that I can't display here! Plus I got loads of plants.
All up this lot pictured here would have been about $20.

It's been nice connecting with the blogworld again - thanks for the comments!

Happy Days!

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Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love old postcards,I always wonder who sent them.....those children's cards are fab too :) x

Janey G said...

lordy but she find some STUFF! loving it all xxx

Janey G said...

she? meant you!!!!

ButterandBuntings said...

wow wow wow well done!

Jill said...

Great bunch of stuff! I think you're right, that Christmas tin might be the best ever, that is so cute!!!

I have a thrifted game called Mousie Mousie but I don't think it's the same....the box looks the same size though.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I've missed your posts....so glad to see you back. Great finds, I love the funky canisters, & the linen. And $2 brooches.....I adore the blingy one. Xx

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I love the cannisters and pining over those collector cards so much gotgeousness there.

Vix said...

Love those groovy jars and that cat and mouse game! x

A little bit Country said...

Jeezzzzzzzzzz! You find some amazing stuff. I would have hauled home the quilts, lamp and plastic canisters for sure! xo

pastcaring said...

Fab canisters and lamp, cute cats, great bedding, and that cute game (even if you don't know how to play it, the box is adorable!) And you can't go wrong with a nice bit of Meakin! Well done you - that's good jumbling! xxx

Allison said...

how adorable is that tin!....and I love the red basket. so much great stuff!. x

Helga! said...

The canisters and brooches are totally rocking my world!
I should have known you'd have that bread bin in orange....never thought there'd be PINK?! Would love to see a pic!! The purple one was an exciting score, as I didn't know they did them in purple........and it's the first bread bin I've ever seen, except for other peoples!!! Bizarre.

Camelia Crinoline said...

You always find such amazing stuff. Those brooches are gorgeous. I love the one in the top right corner. The vanity case is fabulous.

Sue said...

Well done you, love it all. Good haul for twenty huck! What plants did you find?

Mezz said...

so much op shop envy!!!!!!!

hey, wondering if you were interested in sharing one of your favourite op shop finds for our next issue of our little handmade and thrifty mag, "Hundreds and Thousands." send us an email if ur interested!!



mezz xoxo

thimble said...

oh my gosh! so much goodness! I can't get over those fiji plates(?) and those candles and that christmas tin, and just about everthing! so good!

Max said...

what a tin!quite partial to that cat too, lucky iris x