6 October 2013

New Stuff ..Part 2

Funky orange breakfast tray.
($1 from a garage sale)
*New puzzle too for Iris..

Tea towel. Obvs.

HOW MUCH do I love this kitsch thing here??!!!
A LOT!!!!
The whole thing is brilliant.
Kitsch as hell and I love it.
(needs a clean up)

Teeny tiny bamboo houses and boxes for a certain daughter.
Perfect for christmas stocking.
20c each.

Beaten up bird. 50c.
Couldn't leave it behind.

Orange lamp for a certain husband.
Has been tested and checked off.

$5. Score.

Clip on earrings to KILL my ear lobes. But they were $1.
So couldn't leave them behind!
FAVOURITE recent score,
from the Sallies down the  road.
Kartell table for $8.
I love that dark yellow classic colour.
Happy Days!!!


A little bit Country said...

I am green! The breakfast tray, lamp and table are amazing xo

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Brilliant lamp! :) x

pastcaring said...

Oh yeah, that table is fab - with the orange lamp on it, there would be quite a glow going on! Fab pattern on the tea towel, and yep, gotta love a bit of kitsch! xxx

Jane George said...

earrings bird and house boxes make my heart race!! s

Brooke F said...

Kartell for $8! Too right, a score!!! Good job with all your wonderful goodies. XXX

nz green buttons said...

Wow that table what a score! I'm just coming around to loving those bright citrus colours.

Zara said...

The lamp is a real treasure. I'm sure your hubby was impressed.
The breakfast tray will come in very useful for all sorts of games and crafting. x

thimble said...

that kitsch wooden thing is just brilliant! I LOVE it! and the lamp is a great find too! I have a breakfast tray just like that (except floral) from my grandma, I have never seen another one like it till now! a great find!

Allison said...

oh man! love love the yellow table....great treasures x

Penny-Rose said...

Everything you find is cool and functional - you have a great eye, and best of all I love the little houses for a certain daughter. Are you already planning for Xmas? If so I am totally in awe.

Sue said...

Well done you!!! Driving through Morrinsville on Saturday I noticed that they have a Salvo and a Hospice. Could be worth visiting!!

Indigo Violet said...

Gotta love those OBDs!

Julie - Slice in the Life of Julie said...

Oh the tray and the table!! LOVE. Well done.

Mary Daff said...

OOh love these finds. The table is well Kitsch and the lamp and bird are AWESOME!