29 May 2013


So it's all wintery here now.
(My kids always feel ripped off because here in Hamilton it never snows. We get the freezing and the ice, but never snow. It's not a snowing place. I know there's a scientific reason.)

Winter means comfort food.
This is one of our favs.
We like to call it "Shirtlifter Casserole"
(look at the list of ingredients and you'll see why!)
I'm lucky coz my kids are great eaters. They will mostly eat what they're given. Plus, they like the shirt-lifter aspect of this one. It's a great excuse to fart, you know. Blame it on what you've been given to eat.

It's tasty, nutritious, easy and just made with staples from the pantry.
I believe the real name is Lazy Lentils..
(recipe below if you're interested!)

And in other news....

We have a 6 year old in the house.. (his mate's Mum made him that lei)

And a 1 year old!

And I got a turquoise suitcase. More about that in another post.

Happy Days!
(and no hair change yet - not enough time to get to it-doh!!)

Shirtlifter Casserole
(Lazy Lentils)

6oz lentils (3/4 cup-ish?)(I've got an old measuring thing that has oz on it!!)
4 onions
2 gloves garlic
2t marmite
1t mixed herbs (dried)
grated cheese 

* Fry onions and garlic. Take off the heat.

* Add rest of ingreds. ,saving some cheese and breadcrumbs for the topping.

* Greased casserole dish, and add 400ml boiling water.

* Add topping

Bake 2hours @ 160c
Uncover towards the end to crisp up the top.

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Mariela said...

Lentils are so flipping good. And lots of fiber too. Happy Birthday to both of your boys. May they have many mmore.

Sue said...

Shirt lifter indeed!! Kids love anything to do with farts and such things!! Happy birthday to your boys. And yes I too feel ripped off, I want snow, its bloody well cold enough!!

two squirrels said...

Happy birthday little poppets........oh the cake is a treat.
Tee hee the casserole looks yummy, farts are always funny.
Love V

pastcaring said...

Two birthdays, lots of cake, hurray! And plenty of farts too, always good for a laugh!
Liking the look of that turquoise suitcase very much too... Now crack on with your hair, Linda! xxxxx

Brooke F said...

I love that you have a casserole called "Shirtlifter". Hilarious and it sounds delicious!

Mezz said...

thanks for the recipe!! cute kids you have there!! xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Happy 6 and Happy 1
I really can't believe Arlo is already 1. It doesn't seem to have been that long ago that he was born.
Nice suitcase find!

gabrielle said...

Happy birthday to both your boys...that year seems to have gone very fast