18 May 2013

The Marquis of Queensbury

Just a few things here.. 
Mainly from the Dump Shop and Vinnies..

MIDWINTER stuff is usually a winner for me. 
I am never surprised 
when I pick something funky up 
written underneath! 

And look at the price!

 Cute little trio of saucers.

Some great little 10c egg cups. I recon most people my age would remember a stack of egg cups like that.

JOHNSON plates.
I love the way they have a raised rim. No peas sliding off those ones!
(Have you seen Zara's collection in my linky? OMG!!!!)

I love these little handpainted plates. 3 of them. Side plates. $1

Decals before they were called decals!
More plastic-pretending-to-be-glass trays.

This was the type of little book Great Aunts would send us on our birthdays when we were kids. SO cute!

Arlo wanting to be in on the action.

Gratuitous Arlo photo.
He is ONE on THursday.

Hopefully one of the last photos of my hair before I change the colour of it.
And I mean CHANGE!
(AFter a rainy excursion)

Happy Days!

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Mariela said...

What a great haul! I need to get more plates in our stock. The ones I bought a few years ago are now chipped. At least they're being used.

Kids grow up so quick. I still remember my younger brother being born and in November he's going to be 20. Crazy.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love the pattern on those first cups and saucers! :) x

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Yep, Midwinter's always a winner with me too - love that Madeira pattern in the first pic, and that is a total bargain!! Can't believe Arlo's nearly 1, that has whizzed by - he's such a cutie! xx

Indigo Violet said...

What luck to find that Midwinter - I have been looking for something similar for months!

Zara said...

Johnson love. This is one of my fav patterns.

nancyworegreenstockings said...

You always find such awesome things! I so love the decals and the amazing handpainted plates! Also, Happy Birthday, Arlo!

Mezz said...

oh my u really do find the coolest (and cheapest!) stuff!we have little tea cups that match ur big plates with orange/brown flowers. mezz

Mezz said...

oh my u really do find the coolest (and cheapest!) stuff!we have little tea cups that match ur big plates with orange/brown flowers. mezz

Vix said...

Can't beat a bit of funky Midwinter! x

pastcaring said...

Love a bit of Midwinter, and the Johnson plates remind me of my youth!
Arlo (sweetest boy!) is almost one? Noooo! Where did that year go?
What are your plans for your hair, Linda? Can't wait to see! xxx

Alyna Higgs-James said...

Love looking at your finds...your St Vinnies as super impressive prices like the op shops of old... :)

Jill said...

Your little guy is a sweetie!!

The plastic trays really do like quite swanky!!

two squirrels said...

I can't believe you found "Midwinter" at that price.....bargain!!!!! Yay I love when that happens.
I also can't believe your wee man is going to be one.....when did that happen.
Very cute photo of him.

love V

chrissy said...

midwinter is usually a winner for me too! if only i had more room in the cupboards....

BigLittle said...

Looks like a great collection of find this week! xx

Melissa said...

Great finds! The little book is super cute, as are the chubby wubby little hands going after it. Happy early birthday to your little one!

Max said...

i had to click over immediatly i saw "marquis of queensberry' as i remembered reading something about it on that midwinter website. they are so stylish-love the blue. make you wounder if midwinter ever ut out a dud pattern, i love all the ones i've seen so far x

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That midwinter pattern is wonderful! I'm a new follower!!


Schulz Family said...

visiting you for the first time via Op Shop show off. Love your finds