9 May 2013

That Friday Feeling

It's Friday!!!
Jump for JOY!

Speaking of JOY,
my mate Joy
who works at the Hamilton Operatic Wardrobe..(incl costume hire)
has informed me that they are having a sale of COATS
starting tomorrow at 10am (Clarence St)
Here are some of the beautiful labels of some of the clothes. Drool!
Finally getting a chance to blog about the stuff I scored at the oppies on holiday.
I love exploring other towns and their op shops. 
in no particular order...
I am going to finish off what someone started! 

These were 10c each.
I got the kid ones, from the 70s mainly..

I just love the packaging from bygone eras..
And this pattern is from my birth year. Any guesses?
I'm sure my Mum used this exact pattern.

LARGE table cloth $1

I cannot describe what a lifesaver these things are for crawling babies, in the winter!

* Another table cloth. $2
* Hat (reversible) 20c
* Trou for John (he lucked in BIG TIME on this holidy. He scored 6 pairs retro suit trousers and 5 very cool shirts)
* Apron
* Kitsch holiday snaps photo album on a stand. 

These items were on a 50c / 3 for $1 rack at an op shop in Te Kuiti.
* Nighty, tea dress, halter neck top.

were in the Fill-A-BAg for $1 boxes at that Hospice shop I pictured a few posts ago..
Orange plastic coasters. Love the woodgrain in the packaging

* Plastic picnic stuff. Lots of. bowls, small and large plates.
* 4 green plastic-that-looks-like-glass for my collection.
* A large plastic weave basket.. (I really thought I'd taken another shot of all this stuff!)

Close up of that photo album. (It has slide in plastic photo pockets.)

* Very cool wool coat. Not sure about the buttons.
* Dress

Thermos, obvs!

Fill a bag of scarves/fabric for 50c

3 mexican scenes from the 60s.
I selected these ones (they were 10c each)
because they are 1966, the year of John's birth.
Friday's Frock..
This is Iris on holiday, in a dress I wore as a kid.

I bought this for my friend who we stayed with (she likes owls)

I WISH shop workers wouldn't put sellotape over things like that!! Pulled off some areas of the surface  which is frustrating!
 Have a lovely Friday!
Happy Days!

I've linked up to Op Shop Show-off  


nz green buttons said...

I love the owl thing too! I have that simplicity pattern 7815, my nana made a pant suit for me that my daughter has worn too. Has your still got the embroidery transfer inside? I loved that outfit!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That's quite a haul there lady!!! Awesome work! :D So did someone teach you to crochet or do ya need a hand?

Indigo Violet said...

Love those tablecloths!

Max said...

aww, the owl set is sweet! our local insists on writing the price on the bottom of everything with permanent marker, 'in case someone rubs the price off'. crackers!

Jill said...

Did you find a Vera??

Your little girl is a sweetie!

Little Dotty Bird said...

wow! What an amazing haul! Loving the table cloth and the Owl set..and your girl looks fab in that dress :)

Lucys Lounge said...

lots of lovely goodies.

Camelia Crinoline said...

Great finds. The tablecloths are gorgeous. It makes me so mad when the workers at the op shop use sellotape or do other things that leave marks. I have a lovely hairdryer case that my mum bought me. Unfortunately, a person in the op shop had written the price on the outside of it in vivid pen and it won't come off.

pastcaring said...

Look at all those fab labels! So much great stuff, Linda.
Love that owl set, the tablecloths and all those wonderful patterns.
Oh I know, the sticky price label/Sellotape thing bugs the hell out of me too... xxxx