17 May 2013

Collection Selection Link Party- SPOONS

Just a hastily thrown together Collection today - better late than never!

There are large collections and small collections at my place. 
This is a small one, obvs!
I pick them up when I see them, but only if they're 50c or less (or $1 for cool ones that really appeal to me!)
They sit in this little bowl on the bench by the sugar bowl and the tea pot ..

They're mostly NZ ones (there's the CHCH cathedral there) and the gondola and the luge in Rotorua.
Some are aussie as you can see.
I like them.
They're kitsch.

And they don't take up much space! (win!)

Linked up to Sir Thrift-a-Lot
coz you know I love a good link up!

What do you collect?!
Show us!


Zara said...

they look so cute all together like that.
only one souvenir spoon in the collection here.

Indigo Violet said...

I love your jam pot - I have a similar one with a lid.

Brooke F said...

What could be better than a cute collection that doesn't take up much space!

beckyp said...

cute idea. I had a bunch of those spoons but I sold them on Ebay I should have saved them and did like you