15 May 2013

A Badass Blogger

I've been a bad blogger!
It's been nearly a week.
50 slaps with a wet noodle for me.

Of course, I've been popping in to the odd op shop.
I'm a bit behind, but here's a start!

This little lot is from the little church oppie on Heaphy Tce. (St Aidan's)

* Best cotton money can buy (10c each) I just choose the ones with the wooden reels.
There are heaps there.
* Great little napkin.
These 3 were in the free bin. You know I love those little sundae cups.
A lot of y'all, like me, remember eating your jelly and ice cream out of these..
(M. R. I can't get your blog up anymore by the way..!!!)

I LOVE SHirley Hughes and her amazing illustrations. 

Such detail. 

* 3 more little egg cups for Iris'slittle collection in her 'tending (pretending) kitchen' (below)

And now a little haul from my local beloved Red Cross. I love that shop!!!
* Table cloth $2
* Little plastic jug 20c
* These funky old-timer picnic cups were in the fill-a-bag-for-$1 just inside the door.

* 2 bangles 50c
and my big $4 bill!!

Looks like I also got a kids top, but that was the table cloth, and my mate down there hasn't charged me the 20c for the jug..

Like Vix said the other day, even if I had unlimited  funds I would still buy most of what I own second hand.

I was gifted 2 big boxes of kids' books the other day.  One of the most popular has been this treasury of GB stories. So  familiar to me from my childhood!

I missed doing a Collection link up - I'll try and do it in the next few days!
Happy/busy days!


Jill said...

Can't go wrong with prices like that!!

Lynn Dylan said...

Oh, I LOVE the bright colors! That little 'tending area is great. I love having a granddaughter now to do things like that with! And I agree with you and Vix! Would still shop secondhand!

Lynn Dylan

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

You're a great blogger, we all need a day (or a week!) off sometimes. What amazing finds! Your Op shops are fantastic. And I love that collection of Golden Books, I'm not surprised they've being enjoyed by your little ones! xx

pastcaring said...

Yep, I'm in Secondhand Corner too, make room for me!
You always score great stuff, especially your plastic kitchen ware and linens. Fabulous tablecloth. And Iris' 'tending kitchen is adorable! xxx

Sue said...

You are forgiven!! Great haul as usual. Second hand is so much better.

Camelia Crinoline said...

I loved Shirley Hughes books when I was a kid. My favourite doll as a child was called Annie Rose. I love the wooden cotton spools. The cotton on them is always so strong compared to the stuff you get today.

two squirrels said...

Oh we had the golden books in a box like that.....I just loved them....such memories.
Now if you every think the two geen plastic cups need a new home????? I just think they are amazing....the handles are fabulous.
Love V

Mezz said...

you really do find the most amazing things! and cheap! don't apologise for not blogging this week..you're a mum! you're amazing!

bonsaimum said...

The book set looks great. :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You make me laugh with your collection of plastic ware. Obviously you're like a moth to a flame with that! LOVE the collection of books, they look fantastic, & that blue floral placemat is mighty fine! Xx