8 May 2013

Op Shopping Adventures

So here are some of my holiday op shopping adventures!
I've said it before on here -
Te Kuiti is an op shopping mecca!

Not much room for my legs

This is what my friend got at one shop.
She rocks that jumper.
And that 'dog blanket'
is not
Why it was proclaimed to be a dog blanket I know not!
She washed it and it's a beauty! Score!

Clothing for the kids -
50c for each one..
Thunderwear top
Cute twirly skirt
Handmade shorts

Shoes for me
The orange ones were a buck

I presume you put your spoon on this after stirring your tea.
And Pukekura Park is truly one of the most amazing parks you could hope to ever go to.

Apron, plastic bling, (the kind where the beads are popped together/apart to adapt the length)
20c napkins

20c tooled bag from a Te Kuiti op shop.
More holiday scores to come...


I've been meaning to put up some pix from the Collection Selection Link up I've been doing weekly..

For those that enquired, the couple from the house featured yesterday are in their eighties. The house itself was amazing, and what I've shown was a fraction of what they had in there. I want to be them when I grow up!!!
Jasmine collects Alice in Wonderland books.
Max has amassed a drool-worthy Crown Lynn Colour Glaze collection. (amongst other things!)

I had never heard of Vera scarves before, but Jill has a fabulous collection, and I'm quite inspired!
Kitchen Canisters to drool over @ Vintage Bird Girl

I'll add in more Collection Buddy links in my next episode!

Happy Days!
(apart from all the housework I really need to do!)


jasmine t said...

thanks for the mention!
great scores and WOW on the 20c tooled bag! did you squeal alot (scream maniacally) when you found it! arrgghh! awesome1 i love small town opshops! :)

Jill said...

Isn't it fun to go some place new to thrift?? It's just exciting to see some new and different stuff!!

I was surprised when I was scrolling down and there were my scarves, neat!! Thanks for featuring them!!

Penny-Rose said...

Great post of the Te Kuiti op shop adventure. Well done. I liked seeing the collections too - your plastic one is still one of my favourites :-)

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

The bag and the cannisters. Drooling. Big time. xx

Sue said...

Great shopping at Te Kuiti, lovin' the tooled leather bag, had one when I was a teenager!! I am enjoying the collections you are sharing, all good stuff.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Here I was thinking my score of a tooled leather bag for $2.50 was good....but you've outdone me at 20cents! Love the shoes & beads too. Xx

Van said...

I have that Ikea fabric under the canisters. Speaking of which, THE CANISTERS, amazing score!

Peg Innam said...

OMG!!!! can not believe you scored that leather bag for 20cents was that correct, wow, you find the most amazing finds, enjoy looking at all the pics :)

Vintage Coconut said...

I too have seen some pretty amazing dog blankets in our local thrifts. *lol* I guess some ppl figure old blankets are only fit for poochies.
(I would have snatched that *dog blanket* up in seconds)
Your orange shoes are so cute!
The tool'ed leather bag was a incredible price.

Mezz said...

well done on the WONDERFUL op shopping!!! we are currently planning a few weekend trips away based on where good country town op shops are in Victoria!! holiday op shopping is the best xx