19 September 2012

Recent Bang for my Buck? A few things..

Somebody asked me today what my best finds have been during my op-shopping/garage sale-ing career!. This is a VERY tricky question!

So many good scores, so many 'fill-a-bag-for $2' fabulousnesses, so many 50c items.. so many glorious things!
I am a bit of a cheap skate actually, even for op shop standards. Because I started thrifting so long ago, I used to get so much bang for my buck that I now expect it!

Anyway - in what I like to call 'The Glory Days' of op-shopping (20 years ago) LOADS of brilliant things were 10c, 20c, 50c etc.
It would be rare to pay $5 for something. 
My $10 pram (bought when I was 16!) was exorbitant and I had to think about it for about an hour! 
No-one else wanted it so I was under no pressure - LOL!

SO I thought about it..
in terms of what could be resold for a huge profit at the moment. Not that I will!
I walked around the house and photo'ed what I think are good 'scores' for what I paid for them.. I'm talking about recent finds.

This bevelled picture mirror was $2 and in SUPREME nick. about 2 or 3 years ago. It's heavy and huge.

This was from the Ham East Hospice shop, before it had a major makeover. I  rarely go in there now. Genuine Crown Lynn and very collectable/desireable here in NZ.

I LOVE this.. it is genuine Marimekko and cost 50c!! It is over a metre wide, and was already mounted! That was from one of my fav op shops.

If only I'd taken photos of all the op shop booty/junk-in-my-trunk back then!! I would take $20 out on a mission and end up usually with at least half of that left over!!!

Quite a lot of it will appear in my ongoing 'Collection' posts - when I get around to doing some more!!

End of lecture!

What have been your best bang for buck stories?


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love hearing about your best op shop scores. You MUST list for me your favourite Hamiltron op shops. I will sheepishly admit Paul & I did make a very quick trip to Hamilton last Friday (don't hate me!!!), rather spur of the moment. We were only there for about an hour, but I tried to fit in as many op shops as I could in that short time. I did buy a frock at the Gateway op shop, & found some kitsch deers at the main street hospice op shop. And a lovely brooch from the 'Remains to be Seen' shop. I DO hope we can actually catchup next time we're over. I need your insiders tips! Xx

Lucy Nation said...

That floral tin is so pretty. I can't remember all the things I've thrifted over the years, but it must make up at least half of our entire house!

Btw, thanks for the link on your recent comment. I'm gonna check it out soon as I get a chance x

Rhiannon said...

A list of Hamilton op shops would be super helpful, actually. I plan to make my way to your wonderful City sometime soon to visit with friends.. and op shop : )

I have a few treasure stories, but my favourite find it still a Falconware Budgie vase for $2. I'm yet to find another the same in NZ for under $200!

Helga! said...

O,yes,the glory days of opshopping!
I remember them fondly!
I've had some lovely bangs for my bucks over the years,but never anything that's actually collectable.Just lots of fab stuff that I love and treasure!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I've got a little kitchen cabinet that cost £4.00 years ago and I love it, that's one of my favourites. And my £40.00 dressing table is another. I don't know that I've ever found anything really valuable but I think most of my favourite things in the house came from charity shops. Their appeal seems to last longer than that of new bought things. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That fabric is just amazing!! I love your finds - I'm always confident there's more out there to be found. One of my all time scores is a 1980s bass with mother of pearl inlay (but no strings) for £1.50