10 September 2012

Rain falls from concrete-coloured skies

It's exhausting, this weather.

One minute it's pouring horizontally. The next it's sunny. The wind varies from moment to moment- gale force to gentle breeze.

Last night there was an AMAZING storm with thunder and lightning that was spectacular.

Lots of indoor time going down. But I love it when the rain stops and I can send them all outside. 
We took a break in the weather to go to the field behind us and have an unbirthday for Leo for afternoon tea.  I have owed him a birthday cake since last November as he had a sleepover - and I FORGOT to do a CAKE! LOL.
What this photo doesn't show was that as we walked out our gate we saw a couple of people walking past carrying a flat screen tv and a stuffed black bin bag. Of course we rang the cops who promptly turned up and set chase. 
To the left of this photo was a clump of bushes that the crims were hiding behind. I was quietly keeping an eye while  waiting for the coppers. They saw I had a camera. Suckers.
Sunday night storm food. Essential.


Anonymous said...

Damn crims, but good on you for helping snitch them.

You are a tease with that yummy goodness your showing off.

pastcaring said...

She makes unbirthday cakes and delicious goodies and has hundreds of children and still manages to fight crime! You are a wonder woman! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Know what you mean about the weather, I love when I can chase the kids out too. In the time I've been on Blogger this afternoon, Jake has lost my Sky viewing card from the TV, one of the cooker knobs and the batteries from the TV's remote, and I can't find any of them. The unbirthday cake and the choccy pud both look amazingly good. You're very brave keeping an eye on the burglars until the police got there. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Can't believe you forgot the birthday cake, that's got to be tantrum central. You were probably too busy fighting a drugs ring or something! Xxxx