15 September 2012

Spring Day and a couple of scores..

It was a classic rainy SPRING day yesterday..
So we went to Clandon Daffodils on the outskirts of Hamilton..
We went before the rain came - JUST!
The kids played hide and seek for ages. Great to get them out  to shake their sillies out.. coz there's a lot of inside weather coming up..

Here's me carrying baby + everyone's jackets. 

Iris found a purple tulip on the ground - she clutched  it most of the day.

Tip toeing through the tulips..

And in other news...
After my thrilling root canal on Friday I popped into my fav oppie.. (it's right by my dentist)
Delightful curtain. Quite big. $2

This was 50c.
I LOVE it!!!
Little baskets that you can make up.
You pop them out of the card.
They look pretty old.
Dunno what I'll do with them.
Other than gawk at them every now and then!

I have a lot of questions to get to - sorry.. I will asap!!

Happy Days!


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Looks like you all had a great time! The tulips look beautiful! Ada :)

pastcaring said...

Mamas always end up carrying everything! Love seeing all the daffs and tulips, and that pic of Iris holding on tight to her purple tulip is wonderful.
Lovely fabric and cutie cute little card baskets, they look 1950s/early 60s to me. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Spring!? You got Spring? Did I miss it?? Sigh! Is it me or are those first two photos munted? (One on top of the other) The colour of those flowers have brightened and very dull day here out at Karakariki! :(

Rhiannon said...

I had those curtains in my room as a child! Love them.
Loving all the flowers too - stunning!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I must admit I laughed at the pic of you carrying all the jackets, it's not just me then that ends up weighed down like a carthorse on every outing. Love your flowery dress and Iris in her owl jacket and of course all the beautiful flowers, and dad holding baby, good to see you didn't have to hold everything! xx

bonsaimum said...

Georgeous tulips. Love your spotty boots :)Bubs is so cute. I love it when they are at that cuddly stage.

Camelia Crinoline said...

All the spring flowers are beautiful. That curtain is fabulous. I love the print.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

not sure you need to do anything with those wonderful paper baskets but gaze lovingly at them. Lovely spring photos, the scenery looks so much like England! Love the curtain - you needed a reward for putting up with hideous tooth torture x

Kelly Wayne said...

I agree with Miss Simmonds - you don't have to do anything with them except enjoy knowing they are in your care! And I LOVE that curtain - reminds me of my childhood. Kelly :) ps the pics of your family in the tulips were beautiful too.

Sue said...

I love Spring flowers, especially the perfumed ones!!! Me and the other Sue think we should get together with you someday. Not sure you will cope with us tho'. ♥