7 July 2013

Collection Selection Linky Party - Planters

INspired by the lovely Planter collection at Thimble (I love that blog!!)
my collection today is a wee stash of planters. Not as eclectic as the ones at Thimble..
but I find it hard to pass them by.

I pick them up when I see them, but only if they're under $5..

These 2 burros twins are great mates. 

They live on the window sill in our room. But that might change. Depending on if I find any more!!

NZ Green Buttons 
Vintage Bird Girl

will be getting some Mother Scout love in the mail..
PM me your deets girls!!
And thanks to everyone who joins in.


Jane George said...


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my I have the chicken with the egg shell planter too! My grandmother gave it to me when I was about eight and I can't believe I still have it! Your collection is adorable - Sarah Misfit will be in raptures over your burro collection :) xo

Sonya Andrevski said...

They are adorable.

Jill said...

I often look at these but hold back on buying, I think I have one- they look sweet on your sill.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

My little collection of burros only started on our last trip to NZ in 2012. I now have 3. If I ever see them for under $5 I have to snap them up too. If only I had pretty window sills to put them on. And yippee to mother scout love!!! Xx

nz green buttons said...

I think they look so great as a collection!

nz green buttons said...

ps, how do I contact you? I can't see your email anywhere?

thimble said...

oh I love these! your planters are so super sweet! I love that they are all pulling carts- mine is a tad too eclectic haha

Thanks so much for the mention! :-D And how exciting, I can't wait to receive some mother scout awesomeness! thank you so much! I will email you :-)

Indigo Violet said...

That's a great collection - I have started collecting cute/kitsch little animals too.

laura sampson said...

OY! hope it's ok I posted a previous post about collections...remodeling our house so my current collections are hammers, nails, sanders and blisters!

Laura Huey said...

Where I frequent the shops, I see these old planters all the time. Oddly though, it's a lot of nursery themed ones. I love a collection post!!