6 July 2013

Hokohoko Haul

Phew I've been busy!!!
One more week till the holidays and it really feels like it...

I have been doing minimal op shopping for my standards.. but I realised that there were a few things I haven't shared on here..

I have also added my blog to facebook, finally, if that's a way you'd like to follow.

We are going to be well sorted in the Summer - getting quite a collection of these now! I CANNOT resist buying them when I find them (usually at Jumble Sales or the Dump Shop).. Only ever buy them for $10 or under..

I've found these before but didn't realise they're made by Pyrex!

Little bit o' christmas from the Cat's Protection League Jumble Sale last week. I love their sales - so good. You have to rummage. Here and here are some other CPL sale hauls! They are run by the sweetest Cat Lady. She is so passionate about her cause.

And I met a lovely blog reader there (Hi!!) Which is SO nice. I love it when that happens!

Nice softy duvet.
Hand tooled belt..

Boots for me. Yayar.

Tomy Owl Clock. When you push the button on the right the owl's eyes open and show you the digital time. Love it. 1975.

Lace up belt. I have a suspicion the bow gets tied at the top - what do y'all think?
I am going to make these as gifts. Very cool.

Red white and blue on the 4th. Just for my American readers!
Happy Days!!

Collection Post coming up tomorrow..

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Mum said...

We used to have some of those Pyrex mugs when I was little. I think the bow looks good at the bottom but I'm sure it's correct either way. Enjoy your holidays.
Love from Mum

Mariela said...

Very awesome haul! I love the pyrex cups and the boob shot. Boobs make the world better. :)

Kay said...

It was fun meeting you too.. Your bargains are such an inspiration!

Liz said...

Pyrex - what a find!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

We're on the last day of our holidays here in Queensland and you're just about to start yours ... the house will be full of running feet and squeaky voices, BUT, at least you won't have to make school lunches and get the littlies off by a certain time each morning. More time for mooching about and maybe more Cat Lady treats! xoxo

Jane George said...

ooooo love it all! do the kids like treasure hunting with you? xxx

Max said...

Ahhhhhh, love those pyrex cups. I was just thinking about them the other day, my aunty had some in the 70's and i for some reason though they were an avon thing (she was an avon lady back in the day) x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

So much gorgeousness as always! How groovy is that owl clock???!!! No surprise that I like him. Love some kitschy christmas deer too, & the red white & blue cardi. Xx

A little bit Country said...

I've been wanting a big retro sun umbrella for ever. I only come across them on Trademe and they are always to expensive. Love the the pyrex cups too xo

Indigo Violet said...

Love the umbrella - I've got a similar one. And the pyrex cups are a must have. But how could you pass up those canisters under the owl?

Vix said...

I can't resist those parasols either - mental considering our climate - but we flogged a load this weekend what with the crazy heatwave! xxx

Lynn Dylan said...

Awesome finds!!