18 October 2016

Rotorua Re-visited

I had a wonderful time op shopping in Rotorua again. My favourites remain the big old Hospice and the Red Cross shop near the city centre. (Instgrammers will have seen all these sorry! )
I didn't photograph everything - but these are a few purchasing highlights!!

Linen, green bag , wallpaper, games for the kids as we were on the way to the beach..crown lynn mugs....

Some may have noticed that I love taking photos of old mattresses, as for some reason we don't seem to be able to produce funky mattress coverings these days!! Gap in the market - entrepeneur anyone?! I don't buy them. AS usually they are 40  years old -ish. one of the things I generally don't buy second hand. 


A dress and a skirt.

More clothes. 

If you're a thrifter/collector like me, you'll probably also be obsessed with storage!! This book also ticks another box of mine - i LOVE Sunset Ideas books. We're renovating (adding an extension) soon - and this book is absolutely BRILLIANT and inspiring.  

Wallpaper (to add to my collection) Tin Bin, TV picture (3D pic - ) LOVE these. 

Fondue Forks 

Red Cross at the recycling centre.

Sums up Stan right now! And the lovely ladies in an op shop in town - St Lukes (below) attached these 2 dogs to his pushchair. Stoked. 


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Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

Fill a bag for $1? That's almost unheard of in my town! The last time I saw prices like that, the local Salvation Army was moving to a new location and that's about as good as it gets. Poo.