26 October 2016


I haven't done any collection posts for a looooong time ... 
apologies to instagram followers who would have seen these recently! 
I am currently having to clear out our garage (EPIC) as we are adding an extension soon... 
SO I am doing a lot of collating, clearing, turfing and sorting..

I seem to have collected quite a few of these baskets over the years! I have a soft spot for them, (and they'e really useful on shelves etc) as my Mum used to take us kids into the 'old folks' home' in Greytown when we were kids and make these baskets with the residents. 

They are a very fine example of 'Nana Technology'. I LOOOOVE them. 

They often have the BEST coverseal on the bases. 

This one is a favourite. It's very robust,  the colours are amazing, and whoever made it was a genius.

Happy Days!

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