26 October 2016

Another One!

I'm sad to say that another Hamilton Op Shop is just about to bite the dust.
Gateway Op Shop in the city is going the same way that the Presbytarian Support shop directly across the road went last year.. Boo hiss! 
It's the demise of the traditional op shop model. I'll be gutted when there are only 'vintage' stores left. (although they do have a place too)

As I mentioned in this post a slight silver lining is that the Closing Down Sales are usually pretty amazing. My sister-in-law, Stan and I went to Gateway this morning. It's had a good sift through but there are always treasure waiting to be found! Especially if you're not too proud to rummage ! Hahaha.

There is still plenty there, and at 5c for the clothing, 10c for nearly everything else in store, you'd be silly not to get down there Hamilton peeps!!

I DID NOT buy any linen, which is pretty miraculous. Plus I had my sister-in-law beside me saying "NO, Linda, you DON'T need any more sheets!!" Doh.

You can't get much cheaper than that!

My favourite clothing scores.. Nature baby clothes for Stan, retro PJs for small kids, red tank for me and an AWESOME GENUINE vintage Frankton tee. I love Frankton, which for non-Hamiltonians is the suburb in Hamilton that has LOADS of oppies, and continues to get more.. 

Made in Germany.
Cake Plate.

Happy (but sad) Days. 

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