18 October 2016


SOME of  my recent, mainly jumble sale scores... It's Spring here in NZ and that means only one thing - JUMBLE SEASON!

Newest Staffordshire mug.

Kitsch Kids Cookbook (try saying that 10 times!)

Arlo with a jumper he found at a jumble sale and bought with his own money for Stan! Very proud!

In love with these original artworks. 

Hand tooled leather satchel. And a second pheasant.

Dress for Iris which she LOVES, fabric, stamping set.

Old books are the best.
Curtain / fabric stash
Mug for the kids.
Plastic bling obvs

More from the old mattress appreciation files.

Crown Lynn Noeleen

More for my swan collection.

Hope you're all swimming in Happy Days out there in Blogland.


nancyworegreenstockings said...

Arlo is very sweet and well-dressed. And your satchel and purse are both simply amazing! So nice to see posts from you.

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

Man, that's a lot of awesomeness.